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Fall Novice Tournament 2011 Round 13: Tossups 1. One ruler of this empire defeated his brother Dara Shikoh in a civil war and imprisoned his father, who had ordered the building of the Red Fort. That ruler, Aurangzeb, also instituted the jizya tax. This empire’s last ruler led the Sepoy Mutiny, while its founder created a religion called Din-I-Ilahi and was named Akbar. Another ruler of this empire, Shah Jahan, married Mumtaz Mahal and built her a giant tomb, the Taj Mahal. For 10 points, name this Indian empire that lasted from the 16th to the 19th centuries. ANSWER: Mughal Empire [accept Moghal Empire] 2. Baucus and Philemon were turned into one of these objects after death for providing hospitality to Hermes and Zeus. The coffin holding Osiris was stuck in one of these object when it was found by Isis. Odin hung from one of these for nine nights in order to gain wisdom. The squirrel Ratatosk ran up and down one of these plants which supported the Nine Realms and was called Yggdrasil. For 10 points, Robin Hood made his bow from the yew variety of what large plants? ANSWER: trees 3. In one novel by this author, Constantine Levin proposes to Kitty twice. This author wrote about a judge with floating kidneys in his novella The Death of Ivan Ilyich. One of this man’s most famous works includes Pierre Bezukhov’s attempt to assassinate Napoleon. In another work by this author, Vronsky’s lover throws herself under a train. For 10 points, name this Russian author of War and Peace and Anna Karenina. ANSWER: Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy 4. This ballet’s central location was formed by the tears of the female lead’s parents after she was abducted. That location in this ballet is visited by the protagonist during a hunting trip with his best friend Benno. In this ballet, Prince Siegfried is tricked into swearing his love for Odile, the daughter of the sorcerer Von Rothbart. For 10 points, name this ballet composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky about Odette, who is turned into a large white bird. ANSWER: Swan Lake 5. Molecules found in this structure include coenzyme Q and cytochrome c. This organelle may have been incorporated through endosymbiosis. This organelle’s genetic material is inherited maternally, and oxidative phosphorylation occurs in its cristae. A proton gradient within this organelle’s matrix drives its synthesis of ATP via the electron transport chain. For 10 points, name this organelle, the so- called "powerhouse" of the cell. ANSWER: mitochondria or mitochondrion 6. This man gained national attention after giving a speech to the Republican Women's Club of Wheeling, West Virginia. His chief counsel was Roy Cohn. During a series of hearings between this man and the army, Joseph Welch asked him: “Have you no sense of decency?” Earlier this man had claimed that “The State Department is infested” by 105 people on a list he possessed. For 10 points, name this Wisconsin senator who claimed that the U.S. government had been infiltrated by large numbers of communists. ANSWER: Joseph Raymond McCarthy [accept “Joe” McCarthy] 7. A parody of this song by Nerd Alert exclaims “I switch to Zerg, I switch so fast, and I will never ever ever be outmassed,” and the music video for this song features Jasmine Villegas as the singer’s love interest. This song’s video has an all-time record 580 million YouTube views, and the singer of this song admitted that he could no longer hit all the high notes. Featuring Ludacris, for 10 points, name this Justin Bieber song whose chorus repeats the title word 3 times followed by “oh.” ANSWER: “Baby” 8. This quantity is always zero for static friction and for uniform circular motion. The change in kinetic energy equals this quantity, according to a theorem named for this quantity and energy. For rotation, it is calculated as torque times angle of rotation. Power equals this quantity divided by time. In one dimension, it equals the force times the distance over which the force is applied. For 10 points, name this physical quantity which, like energy, is measured in joules. ANSWER: work [accept net work] 9. This artist created a wire circus that could be packed into suitcases. This sculptor commemorated the siege of Almadén with his Mercury Fountain. This man created an arching, red, steel sculpture for Chicago’s Federal Plaza, entitled Flamingo. One work by this sculptor features nine black sheet metal fins attached to a red elliptical piece of metal with a triangle cut out of one end; that work is titled Lobster Trap and Fish Tail. For 10 points, name this American artist famous for his mobiles. ANSWER: Alexander “Sandy” Calder 10. This author’s creations include the state of Winnemac, in which a number of his novels take place, including one in the town of Zenith. In one of this author’s works, the title scientist is influenced by Max Gottlieb, and that character’s wife Leora later dies of a plague he is investigating. Another novel by this author centers upon Carol Kennicott, who is dissatisfied with life in Gopher Prairie. For 10 points, name this author of Babbitt, Arrowsmith, and Main Street. ANSWER: (Harry) Sinclair Lewis 11. This man’s crew saw a black "goose" on a voyage that they could not pluck, not realizing that it was actually a penguin. The only ship to survive this man’s most famous voyage was the Victoria, and he was killed at the Battle of Mactan in the Philippines. This explorer named the Pacific Ocean and went through his namesake strait to make the first trip from the Atlantic into the Pacific. For 10 points, name this Portuguese explorer who led the first voyage to circumnavigate the world. ANSWER: Ferdinand Magellan [or Fernando de Magallanes; or Fernao de Magalhaes] 12. One of this man’s operas sees Fata Morgana curse the King of Clubs’ son with the title malady. This composer of The Love for Three Oranges also rewrote a happy ending for his Shakespeare- inspired ballet that includes a dance titled “Montagues and Capulets.” In one composition, this man used an oboe to depict a duck and a bassoon to represent the title character’s grandfather. For 10 points, name this Russian composer of Romeo and Juliet and Peter and the Wolf. ANSWER: Sergei Prokofiev 13. Shiprock in New Mexico is a remnant of one of these entities, another of which made 1816 the “Year Without a Summer.” “Arcs” of these features can be found above subduction zones, while examples like Kilauea in Hawaii were created by mantle plumes. Tambora, Krakatoa, and Vesuvius are examples of these features. For 10 points, name these geologic structures commonly found in the Ring of Fire, which produce gas, ashes, and lava during their eruptions. ANSWER: volcanoes [accept volcanic neck/plug before “remnant”] 14. This subject of three biographies by Thomas of Celano tamed the Wolf of Gubbio. This man praised “Brother Fire” and “Sister Water” in a religious song whose final verse about “Sister Death” was added just before his death. In addition to penning the ‘Canticle of the Sun,’ he helped create the Poor Clares. This man received the stigmata during a vision about the Feast of the Cross. For 10 points, name this patron saint of animals, a Catholic from Assisi. ANSWER: Saint Francis of Assisi [accept Francis after Assisi, but prompt on partial answer before that; accept San Francisco] 15. In one novel by this author, Jimmy attends the Martha Graham Academy, while his best friend attends the Watson-Crick Institute. Another of this author’s novels contains characters like Serena Joy and the Mayday resistance movement. This author of Oryx and Crake penned a novel which takes place in the Republic of Gilead and in which Offred works for the Commander. For 10 points, identify this Canadian author of The Handmaid’s Tale. ANSWER: Margaret Atwood 16. In one work, this man complains about the lack of intellectual activity at Oxford, while he argued that morality arises out of a desire for approval and sympathy in another work, his Theory of Moral Sentiments. This economist argued that actions of self-interested individuals unintentionally promote the greater good; that concept is his “invisible hand.” For 10 points, name this Scottish economist who laid the foundations for classical economic theory in The Wealth of Nations. ANSWER: Adam Smith 17. This state’s Northern Tier region is home to the Endless Mountains, and it is the only one of the original thirteen colonies without an Atlantic coastline. This state’s Lehigh River passes through the city of Allentown, and this state is crossed from north to south by the Susquehanna River before it empties into the Chesapeake Bay. The southern border of this state is part of the Mason-Dixon Line, and its capital is at Harrisburg. For 10 points, name this state home to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. ANSWER: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 18. The Gatun and Miraflores Locks are located along this structure. One failed attempt to build this structure was undertaken by Ferninand de Lesseps, and Walter Reed discovered that mosquitoes transmit yellow fever while working on this project. Jimmy Carter returned this structure to its namesake country, and John McCain was born in this structure’s namesake “zone.” For 10 points, name this waterway that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific through a certain Central American nation. ANSWER: Panama Canal 19. The main story of this novel is told by Dr. John Ray, Jr, and one character in this novel is described as the “light of my life, fire of my loins.” One character in this novel, Charlotte, reads a character’s diary and runs out across a street before being killed by a passing car. Clare Quilty checks the title character out from a hospital; years later he is shot by Humbert Humbert. For 10 points, identify this Vladimir Nabokov novel about a sexually precocious twelve-year-old girl. ANSWER: Lolita 20. This construct was used by its inventor to predict the existence of “eka-aluminium”, later discovered and named gallium. It helps to show trends in ionization energy, electron affinity, and atomic radius. Its columns, called groups, include the alkali metals, halogens, and noble gases. For 10 points, name this chart invented by Dmitri Mendeleev that organizes all the known chemical elements by their atomic number. ANSWER: periodic table of elements TIEBREAKER 21. Places where this nation’s language is spoken are called lusophone, and this country’s Carnation Revolution resulted in the overthrow of dictator Antonio Salazar. This nation and Spain were the subjects of the Treaty of Tordesillas, and its ruling houses have included the Aviz and the Braganza. Former colonies of this nation include Angola and Mozambique, while its explorers included Vasco da Gama. For 10 points, name this Iberian nation which colonized Brazil, with capital at Lisbon. ANSWER: Portugal Fall Novice Tournament 2011 Round 13: Bonuses 1. Name some things associated with last April’s Royal Wedding, for 10 points each: [10] Prince William married this woman whom he had met in 2001 while at the University of Saint Andrews. ANSWER: Catherine “Kate” Middleton [10] As is tradition, the royal wedding was held at this church in England, the site of the coronation of William the Conqueror and the burial ground of Geoffrey Chaucer and Charles Dickens. ANSWER: Westminster Abbey [10] After the wedding, Kate Middleton was granted this title, since she became the wife of the man second in the line of succession to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. ANSWER: Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge 2. During this attack the USS Oklahoma capsized and the USS Arizona exploded. For 10 points each: [10] Name this Japanese surprise attack on a U.S. naval base that took place on December 7, 1941. ANSWER: Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor [accept obvious equivalents including Pearl Harbor] [10] This May 7-8, 1942 naval battle was the first fought entirely by planes from aircraft carriers. It stopped an invasion of Port Moresby, although the USS Lexington was sunk during it. ANSWER: Battle of the Coral Sea [10] This June 4-6, 1942 naval battle was a major turning point in the Pacific War, as American forces sunk the entire Japanese carrier strike force. The USS Yorktown was sunk during this battle. ANSWER: Battle of Midway 3. Originally titled The Poe
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