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Cultural Geography
GCU 114
Daniel Hume

GSAC XX Finals Round 2 Toss-ups 1. This man argued that perfect competition no longer applied to modern society, where demand is created through advertising rather than need. He criticized GDP as no longer being relevant to modern economies and also wrote about the “dependence effect.” This economist argued that governments should invest in public schools, eliminate poverty, and create a “New Class” of workers, and he proposed that production in modern economies is preserved by “conventional wisdom.” For 10 points, name this American economist and author of The Affluent Society. ANSWER: John Kenneth Galbraith 2. Two of these entities interact in the Fujiwhara effect. One structure in these entities undergoes replacement cycles, leading to the ineffectiveness of artificial dissipation techniques. The formation of these entities is influenced by the Madden-Julian oscillation, and Rossby wave packets can increase the chance of their formation. A namesake Intensity Index seeks to solve problems with the more common Saffir-Simpson scale used to measure their strengths. For 10 points, names these storms that contain spiral-patterned cloud systems around a central eye. ANSWER: Hurricane [accept Cyclones] 3. At the beginning of this work’s final part, the Norns bemoan the destruction of a divine weapon before the Rope of Fate is broken, and the orchestra requires anvils to depict the dwarven forge in its third part. In the same section of this work, Wotan sings “Wache Wala Wala Erwach’” to waken Erda the earth goddess, and Hagen summons his vassals to Gibichung Hall with “Hoiho!” The final part sees Waltraute beg her sister Brunnhilde to return the title object. For 10 points, name this opera cycle that ends with Brunnhilde casting herself upon Siegfried’s funeral pyre to cause the Twilight of the Gods, a work of Richard Wagner. ANSWER: The Ring of the Nibelung [accept Ring Cycle or Der Ring des Nibelungen] 4. The only standard lost by one side in this battle was lost to Grand Duke Constantine and his Imperial Guards. Hussars knocked one side’s forces out of Telnitz during this battle, and St. Hilaire was able to advance under a dense fog up Pratzen Heights. Sokolnitz changed hands several times during this battle, and prior to its start, General Kutuzov was demoted. Holy Roman Emperor Francis II and Tsar Alexander I took personal command over their forces in this battle that resulted in the Treaty of Pressburg and the collapse of the Third Coalition. For 10 points, name this victory of Napoleon, also known as the Battle of the Three Emperors. ANSWER: Battle of Austerlitz [accept Battle of the Three Emperors before it is read] 5. In one work, this author wrote about President von Walter’s plot to separate the couples Ferdinand and Luise Miller. This author of Intrigue and Love wrote about the life of Joan of Arc in The Maid of Orleans, and he wrote about Karl von Moor, who forms the title group after being banished. One work by this author of The Robbers addresses the title concept as a “beautiful spark of the gods,” while another work features a Swiss hero who has to shoot an apple off of the head of his son. For 10 points, name this German author of William Tell and “Ode to Joy.” ANSWER: Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller GSAC XX Finals Round 2 6. Through a series of exchanges, this figure is able to procure one hundred slaves for a single ear of corn, and he asks every bird for a feather in order to make a robe. By making it appear to be raining, this figure is able to trap a number of hornets for the sky god Nyame, which he exchanges along with a python, a leopard, and a dwarf for all the world’s stories. This figure was defeated by tar baby, and he stored all of the world’s wisdom in a calabash. For 10 points, name this West African trickster god who takes the form of a spider. ANSWER: Anansi 7. This region was first united by Namri Songtsen, and Sakya Pandita was appointed viceroy of this region after its conquest by Godan. The Phagmodrupa Dynasty established this kingdom’s independence after the Mongol conquest, and the Sino-Sikh war was fought over this region. The British and Russians competed for control of this region, which achieved de facto independence after the collapse of the Qing Empire. The Seventeen Points agreement allowed the annexation of this region by the PRC in 1951. For 10 points, name this Chinese region with its capital at Lhasa, the former home of the Dalai Lama. ANSWER: Tibet [accept Bod or Xizang Autonomous Region] 8. One of these compounds participates in a cycloaddition with an alkene and carbon monoxide in the Pauson-Khand reaction. Metal acetylides are obtained by reacting a strong base with terminal ones of these. The Fritsch-Buttenburg-Wiechell rearrangement is the second step of a process that forms these compounds from aldehydes called the Corey-Fuchs reaction. Quinoline can be used to enhance the selectivity of the Lindlar catalyst that reduces these compounds to alkenes. For 10 points, name this class of organic compounds containing a triple bond between two carbon atoms, the simplest example of which is acetylene. ANSWER: Alkynes [prompt on Hydrocarbons before “triple”] 9. One of this man’s works features a Christian chorus that makes moral commentary on the story of the rape of Tarquin’s daughter, while one of his operas, Gloriana, was written for the coronation of Elizabeth II. Another work includes an aria sung by Ellen Orford as she recognizes an article of her knitting belonging to a dead apprentice, John. That work, which shows the Borough’s callous response to John’s death, is Peter Grimes. He interspersed poems by Wilfred Owen in his War Requiem, and he utilized the Rondeau theme from Purcell’s Abdelazar in another. For 10 points, name this composer of The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. ANSWER: Edward Benjamin Britten 10. This story alludes to the tale of Midas, but withholds the ending, telling the reader that he should read Ovid. One character encounters a group of women dancing, who vanish and turn into an old hag. That character is asked whether noble character can be hereditary, and this story concludes with a plea that all men be given wives who outlive their husbands. A knight is sent on a quest by the queen after raping a young woman, and he agrees to marry an old hag when she saves him from decapitation. The hag then turns into a beautiful princess in, For 10 points, what story found in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales that claims that what women desire most is power? ANSWER: “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” [prompt on The Canterbury Tales] GSAC XX Finals Round 2 11. One World Heritage Site in this country is the Sigiriya fortress, which has been inhabited by monks since the fifth century. Satellite images have found a land bridge submerged underwater connecting this nation to the mainland, which is named Adam’s Bridge. Its highest point is Pidurutalagala, which serves as a military base, and the longest river in this country is the Mahaweli. It is separated from the mainland by the Palk Strait, which is close to the Jaffna Peninsula, and this country saw the defeat of the extremist Tamil Tigers in 2009. Formerly known as Ceylon, For 10 points, name this island nation south of India with capital at Colombo. ANSWER: Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka [accept Shri Lamka or Ilankai; prompt on Ceylon] 12. This man’s proof of God’s existence rested in his belief that human perceptions of the outside world are consistent because a Spirit maintains them. He advanced this proof in a treatise in which he also claimed that numbers and colors are subjective. By saying that, he opposed John Locke’s abstractions, personified as Hylas, and advanced his own philosophy, which he called “immaterialism” and represented as Philonous in three namesake Dialogues. For 10 points, name this Irish clergyman, the author of Alciphron, who said “esse est percipi,” or, “to be is to be perceived.” ANSWER: George Berkeley 13. This work’s narrator once held the post of Master of Chancery in New York. One character in this work obsessively adjusts the height of his desk and suffers from chronic indigestion, while another is an Englishman with florid complexion who is often intoxicated during the afternoon. The title character of this work is sent to the Tombs for vagrancy. That character used to work for the Dead Letter Office and is employed by the narrator alongside Ginger Nut, Turkey, and Nippers. For 10 points, name this short story featuring a copyist who repeatedly states, “I would prefer not to,” a work of Herman Melville. ANSWER: “Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street” 14. The Emsleyan form of this phenomenon is present in Coral snakes, and one example of this phenomenon in plants is pseudocopulation to attract pollinators. Naturalist Henry Walter Bates observed that certain butterflies exemplified this phenomenon, while the Müllerian type of this phenomenon causes mutualism between species involved. Examples of this phenomenon include predators choosing not to eat viceroy butterflies, due to their similarities to the bad-tasting Monarch butterfly. For 10 points, name this phenomenon characterized by two different species having the same resemblance, which can be used for protection for some species. ANSWER: Mimicry 15. This man’s Government House became known as “The Command Post” upon his taking power. This man took refuge in Saudi Arabia after being deposed and was paid to not enter politics. Operation Thunderbolt was an attempt to rescue Israelis from this man’s country. This man received aid from Muammar Qaddafi after denouncing Israel, and he removed all Asians from his country. This man was a member of the King’s African Rifles early in his career, and he came to power after the ousting of Obote. For 10 points, name this dictator of Uganda. ANSWER: Idi Amin Dada GSAC XX Finals Round 2 16. This work begins with two men seeking a king in a thicket; they ask him to awaken his wife to call their companions together. In a later part, that group proclaims that its close relationship to primordial deities makes it more divine than the gods. The king, Hoopoe, and his wife, Procne, order their companions to build a city in the sky to block the mortal world’s access to the gods of Olympus, and after Iris’s detection and Heracles’s defeat, Pisthetaerus is crowned king of the city. For 10 points, name this Athenian comedy concerning the floating city of the title winged creatures, which is named Cloudcuckooland, a work of Aristophanes. ANSWER: The Birds [accept Ornithes] 17. The Gummel-Poon model describes one of these devices that is subject to the Early effect. Two of these objects can be used to create a Darlington pair, and an "ion sensitive" variety can measure ion concentrations in solution. Electric field controls the drainage voltage in field effect types of these devices, which include MOSFETs, and bipolar types of them come in PNP and NPN types. These electrical components were introduced by a team from Bell Labs and are useful in amplifying signals. For 10 points, name these circuit components that replaced vacuum tubes in computers and are useful as switches. ANSWER: Transistors 18. In one work by this artist, the Virgin Mary wears a blue dress and is surrounded by a group of people while she holds the infant Jesus in her hands. This artist of Darmstadt Madonna created a horizontal painting of Christ lying dead in his tomb, and produced a series of forty-one woodcuts starting with The Creation in his Dance of Death. This man notably painted portraits of Thomas More and Erasmus, while his most famous work is believed to be a depiction of Georges de Selve and Jean de Dinteville. For 10 points, name this artist who painted two men standing in front of a green curtain next to a distorted skull in The Ambassadors. ANSWER: Hans Holbein the Younger 19. One character in this epic chooses to sit by the feet of a sleeping man after another chooses to sit by his head. That character shoots an arrow into the eye of a rotating fish to win the hand of Draupadi, and his brother loses his kingdom after losing a dice game, after which he and his family are forced to go into exile for 13 years. Bhima slays Duryodhana by striking his thighs in the final conflict of this epic. The scene before that battle focuses on Arjuna questioning his charioteer, Krishna, and this epic centers on the Kurukshetra War fought between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. For 10 points, name this Sanskrit epic which includes the Bhagavad Gita. ANSWER: Mahabharata [do not accept “Bhagavad Gita”] 20. One man who intervened during this event threw away his citation for the Distinguished Flying Cross and was publicly criticized by Mendel Rivers. The location of this event was codenamed “Pinkville” by army intelligence, and investigation into this event was spurred by the actions of Ronald Ridenhour. Lawrence Colburn, Glenn Andreotta, and Hugh Thompson, Jr. were awarded the Soldier’s Medal for their actions during this event. Second Lieutenant William Calley was the only person to be convicted for crimes committed during, For 10 points, what event that saw the murder of hundreds of South Vietnamese civilians by U.S. Army personnel? ANSWER: My Lai Massacre [accept Sơn Mỹ Massacre] GSAC XX Finals Round 2 TB. In one painting by this man, Saint Giles prays next to a deer with an arrow in
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