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Cultural Geography
GCU 114
Daniel Hume

Share what you learned today. Murphy Interaction: what is it? ●trade, war, religion are specific categories of interaction... ●meaning it’s pretty much everything. it’s a broad way of saying how each of the societies mingle with each other ●ex. role in global trade (ex. China is a producer, US is a consumer) ●networks of trade and goods supplied is also interaction (and trade!) ●also requires IMPACT of interaction (ex. bubonic plague spread along trade routes, creating an advantage for people that survived in China, India, Europe, b/c they could charge higher rates) The time period is confirmed to be in between 600-1500. The catch? It’s ANYWHEREbetween 600-1500 (ex. 1000-1450). CHINA ●China: if the time period extends to 1450, you can talk about how after Zheng He’s voyages (1433),China lost interest in the world and recedes, and Europe gets the advantage over China (consumes Chinese ideas) ●but if it’s only to 1400... you can’t talk about that. ●but you can talk about how in 1400 China was at the HEIGHTof its power (technological advances, population growth, maritime expeditions... it was set for an industrial revolution and world domination) ●China had variations of trade throughout dynasties ●outside vs. inside rule affected stuff. (ex. Yuan didn’t care about Confucianism, which looks down upon merchants... as a result, merchants became more valued and more people went into commerce, BAM trade goes up) MESOAMERICA ●Aztecs and Incas differed on extent of control and management of subject states ●Aztecs: tributary system that took food and left, FEARof oppression ●Incas:
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