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Cultural Geography
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Daniel Hume

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Unit 4 Review Stuff COT China Economic Thesis: Between 1600 and 1914 China originally had a prospe Political Thesis: Outline 1. China’s government (Qing) was pretty strong, had a trade surplus. 2. Taiping Rebellion, Opium War, Boxer Rebellion 3. Europeans begin to gain power in CHINA COT Japan Thesis: Between 1650 and 1900, Japan evolved from a decentralized and non-industrialized state to a centralized and imperialistic state after the Meji restoration. Outline: 1. Up through 1868 the Tokugawa Shogunate employed isolationist policies and focused mainly on internal affairs. a. Rigid classes, Shogunate and Daimyo, samurai, Japan’s Emperor acted as a symbol, no power, feudal system. Very isolated from rest of the world.(outsiders would be shot at sight.) 2. After the fall of Tokugawa Shogunate the Meji Emperor began to industrialize Japan and institute military reform. a. Black Ships Incident (American Ships) seen on the coast (1854 treaty) which caused Meji restoration, several shogunates combined power to create centralized government, government built up industries then sold them to companies. 3. Once major industrialization was complete the Japanese began to look overseas to become a major power of the world and began to imperialize in East Asia. a. Imperialism, annexed Korea (Russo-Japan War), took parts of China (Sino-Japan War), European powers forced Japan to give up Liaodong region. 4. a. Continuity=Political: Emperor did not have power, Economic: Did not allow European products to enter Japan’s economic, Social: Did not allow Europeans to enter Japan. COT Middle East Thesis: Between 1600 and 1900, A. Ottomans were stagnating in their oddness. 1.They had tax farming, limited central gov’t power and Janissaries discouraged any attempts at reform to preserve their position of power. 2.Selim I
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