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Cultural Geography
GCU 114
Daniel Hume

CH 14 NOTES :D bubonic plague=SOCIAL changes, revolts like jacquerie and Wat tyler, murdered archbishop of canterbury wide gap bet rich nad poor, welfare of rural increased though after plague economy shrank, per capita production rose groups of investors undertook construction of mills/mechanical energy sources rapid industry growth--->ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS RESULTED-anitpollution law by english parliament Latin West revives after decline of Roman Empire: eastern cities-bigger, western cities-more commercial, cultural, admin change, prosperous!! trade increases, some long distance, venice got constantinople=even more trade, mongol empire expanded=more trade Venice, Genoa HANSEATIC LEAGUE: baltic, prussia, russia to london, Flanders (textiles) *Champagne fairs-international markets, Florence textile industry, oh and apparently Europe made a lot of wool. Not sure why this is relevant information one should know when studying the history of the world, but the book spends like half a page talking about Europe and it's wool, sooooo yeah :/ Trading cities=more freedom than rural life. independent states, could adapt quicker to chaning market conditions. cities=refuge, home to Jews, were persecuted GUILDS dominated civic life=association of craft specialists, or regulating merchants, male dominance, sometimes women could join, nonguild jobs mainly new class: wealthy merchant bankers-money charging, loans, investments, loans supported wars and lavish courts FLORENCE: center of banking services, Medici family, interest rate although Latin Church condemned it. still: poverty and squalor was the norm, few civic amenities GOHIC CATHEDRALS-1140, France. pointed arch, flying buttresses, high heights, stained glass (I totally remember all of this from 7th grade history :D) Renaissance: back to Greco Roman antiquity, began in north Italy to North Europe, ciites=home to intellectuals, artists, universities, after Charlemagne's rule Dominicans & Franciscans, colleges modeled after Islamic madrasas? 1st to estavlish modern universities, grandted de
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