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EXW 342 Quiz: Exam 1

Exercise and Wellness
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EXW 342
Chisum Jack
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Exam 1
You can bring in one presentation with the notes you take in class
Cues = symptoms
Psychosomatic = stress related disorder
Clients with long-term illnesses, look at threats and cues
Use a 0-10 scale to assess emotion
Anger and unresolved anger are critical
Non-aggressive styles of anger quiet treatment, under handing, body gestures
Is anger genetic there is no genetic predisposing for anger
2-5 days infants can express anger
Framingham study uses 1-10 scale to measure anger.
There is a greater risk for breast cancer whe the anger was not suppressed
Physiological response to anger (not all are due to anger)
Cornicary heart disease is directly related to suppressed anger
Ohio stat study how do people heal
Harvard school of public health in mean hostility change the pulmoney system
aand they aged faster
You cannot just let anger out without resolving it
Take timeexpress it openly work towards resolution
Journal learning your anger style
Use I statements its neutral in base (when I have this happen this is how I feel)
Dr. scott:
Time pressures take it personally
Economic hardship
Interpersonal conflict
Somatizers has more risk for health problems. worst
Self punishers
Exploders not resolving the stress. Second worst
Underhanders do suttle thinks (emails with enuendos)
Effective strategies:
Know your style somatizer, self punisher…
Monitor your anger quick bullet points
Learn to deescalate count to 10 (slowly then respond, gives you ability to
Expressing anger learn how to say it,
Don’t let your mind become mediocre because someone else is pulling you
What are the steps you would integrate into this process-> self efficiency/self
What concers shoud be registered? Don let them act out anger
How do you report progress to your superiors?
Confidentiality give them the report to go over until you hand it in
find more resources at
find more resources at
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