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ASUFAS 331AllSpring

FAS 331 Study Guide - Final Guide: Child Custody, Communication Problems, Conflict Theories

OC31360212 Page
30 Oct 2014
The definition of power- the capacity to influence others and to resist being influenced by others, power may or may not be used in specific situations
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ASUFAS 331AllWinter

FAS 331 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Housekeeping, Communication Problems, Glasser'S Choice Theory

OC31360315 Page
30 Oct 2014
*you should be familiar with the following terms & concepts, and be able to apply them to examples. Chapter 10 power & conflict in marriage. Definition
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ASUFAS 331AllSpring

Test 1

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30 Oct 2014
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ASUFAS 331AllFall

FAS 331 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Double Bind, Conflict Resolution, Social Learning Theory

OC31360413 Page
30 Oct 2014
Passive communication unwillingness to say what one thinks, feels, or wants frequently assoiciated with anxiety about others opinions: creates distance
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ASUFAS 331AllWinter

Test 2

OC313602211 Page
29 Oct 2014
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