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ch. 19

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HST 101
Tom Wang

WHAP Chapter 19 Pre-Test Directions: Each of the questions or incomplete statements is followed by five suggested answers or completions. Select the one that best answers the question or completes the statement. 1. The term Columbian Exchange refers to: a. the monetary exchange rate between the New and Old Worlds b. the transfer of peoples, animals, plants, and diseases between the New and Old Worlds c. the first stock market in the New World d. products form the nation of Columbia 2. The New World colonies of the European powers: a. became vast areas of cultural experimentation b. became vast areas of social experimentation c. both a and b d. became as stagnant as the European powers themselves 3. Death rates among Amerindian peoples during the epidemics of the early colonial period were: a. very high b. average c. very low d. no higher than any other times 4. What was the most deadly of the epidemics in the Americas? a. Smallpox b. Syphilis c. Influenza d. Measles 5. The most significant disease transferred from the Americas to Europe was: a. Smallpox b. Syphilis c. Influenza d. Measles 6. Which of the following were New World foods that revolutionized Old World agriculture? a. Maize b. Potatoes c. Manioc d. all of above 7. What impact did the horse have on the Americas? a. Increased military capacity and hunting efficiency b. decreased military capacity and hunting efficiency c. no impact because religious prohibitions prevented its use d. no appreciable impact because they already had the horse 8. By the end of the sixteenth century, what country occupied most of the Brazilian coast? a. Spain b. England c. Portugal d. France 9. In colonial societies, Amerindian religious beliefs: a. were destroyed and never were practiced again b. survived beneath the surface of imposed Christianity c. superseded Christianity as the settlers adopted Amerindian beliefs d. did not change because most Amerindian societies were atheistic 10. The Council of the Indies was created in Spain in 1524 in response to: a. calls for support by Spanish settlers b. the independent power of the conquistadores c. competition from other European nations d. a need to raise armies against Amerindians 11. The highest-ranking Spanish officials in the colonies: a. enjoyed broad power b. were figureheads with no power c. had power, but it was very limited d. were elected by the Amerindians and confirmed by the Spanish 12. The Viceroyalty of New Spain in 1535 encompassed: a. Mexico b. Central America c. the Caribbean Islands d. all of the above 13. The most important agent transmitting European secular culture in Spanish America and Brazil was the: a. Council of the Indies b. Spanish and Portuguese armies c. Catholic Church d. plantation system 14. The most influential defender of Amerindians in the early colonial period was: a. Bishop Diego de Landa b. Bartolome de las Casas c. Juan de Zumarraga d. Diego Mendez 15. Which of the following became the richest institution of the Spanish colonies? a. the Church b. the University of Brazil c. the farmers d. the unions 16. Which of the following mining activities generated the most wealth in the Spanish colonies? a. Diamond mining b. Copper mining c. Silver mining d. Gold mining 17. An encomienda was: a. a license to extract labor and tribute b. a plantation for mining precious metals c. a plantation for growing sugar d. an agreement with Amerindians 18. The mita was: a. a mill for purifying silver b. a mill for purifying sugar c. the colonial taxation system d. a rotational labor draft 19. S
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