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ch 22

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HST 101
Tom Wang

WHAP Chapter 22 Pre-Test Directions: Each of the questions or incomplete statements is followed by five suggested answers or completions. Select the one that best answers the question or completes the statement. 1. By the 1500s caravan trade: a. was cheap and reliable b. was faster than seaborne trade c. was increasing year by year d. none of the above 2.: Why was Central Asia important to the land-based Eurasian empires? a. The area was heavily populated b. This was the area where each was most vulnerable to attack c. it was an agricultural paradise d. All of the above 3. The Eurasian empires sought to make the Central Asian territories profitable by: a. agriculture and mining b. stationing military garrisons c. both a and b d. none of the above 4. Serfdom in seventeenth and eighteenth century Russia became: a. less prevalent and more humane b. illegal or outlawed c. more brutal and widespread d. none of the above 5. The attempt to make the large unprofitable Central Asian areas self-supporting reinforced: a. the emphasis on agriculture as the predominant source of wealth b. the tendency toward political centralization c. both a and b d. the maintenance of low agricultural prices 6. What European organization was a transmitter of science and technology to China? a. Society of Jesus, or Jesuits b. Teutonic Knights c. Knights Templar d. Order of the Cross 7. Merchants from which country were the first to arrive in East Asia? a. Spain b. Portugal c. England d.Holland 8. Which two countries initially prevented Russian westward expansion? a. Sweden and Poland b. Finland and Hungary c. England and France d. Germany and Austria 9. During the Kievan period, most people who defined themselves as “Russian”: a. lived in Moscow b. spoke a language closely associated with other Slavic languages c. were almost invariably Muslim d. were speakers of Turkic languages 10. The Ukranian Cossacks were: a. enrolled by Russia into special military regiments b. well loved by the villagers c. a distinct ethnic group d. poor horsemen but outstanding foot soldiers 11. One result of the “Great Northern War” was: a. the death of Peter the Great b. the liberation of Constantinople c. Russian access to the Baltic Sea d. Russia’s retreat into isolationism 12. Why did Peter the Great attempt to westernize Russia? a. To join the Russian Orthodox Church b. To end serfdom c. To ultimately follow the British movement into political liberalization d. To strengthen the Russian state and its autocracy 13. Which Russian frontier offered the best option for expansion? a. Eastern b. Western c. Northern d. Southern 14. With which empire was Russia in competition alon
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