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HST 101
Tom Wang

WHAP Chapter 21 Pre-Test Directions: Each of the questions or incomplete statements is followed by five suggested answers or completions. Select the one that best answers the question or completes the statement. 1. The longest-lasting post-Mongol Muslim Empire was the: a. Safavid Empire b. Mughal Empire c. Sasanid Empire d. Ottoman Empire 2. Why did the Ottoman Empire grow from a small state to a powerful empire? a. the shrewdness of Osman and his descendants b. Control of Gallipoli, the strategic link between Asia and Europe c. an army that combined Turkish cavalry with new gunpowder technology d. all of the above 3. Sultan Mehmed II’s nickname was the: a. Conqueror b. Lame c. Thunderbolt d. Inexorable 4. The fall of Constantinople brought the end to: a. Roman rule b. Byzantine rule c. Ottoman rule d. Egyptian rule 5. The sultan who presided over the greatest Ottoman assault on Christian Europe was: a. Sultan Mehmed II b. Mansa Musa c. Suleiman the Magnificent d. Babur 6. Fifteenth-century Ottoman armies fought a fifty-year naval was in the Mediterranean with: a. the Portuguese b. Egypt c. Venice d. the Spanish 7. A new fourteenth-century Ottoman military resources was Christian prisoners of war, called: a. janissaries b. knights of the cross c. Mamluks d. Caspian slaves 8. Devshirme means, literally: a. horseman b. Islamic warrior c. foreigner d. selection 9. The sophisticated Ottoman court language was called: a. Kurdish b. Osmanli c. Persian d. Latin 10. The askeri class in the Ottoman Empire was the: a. noble class b. military class c. lower class d. religious class 11. The Ottoman Empire was the most powerful state in the European or the Islamic worlds because of Its “balance,” meaning: a. the balance of the mounted archers, Janissaries, and navy b. the balance of religion and politics in the Sultanate c. the balance of aggression and passivity in foreign policy d. the balance of rich and poor in the Ottoman cities 12. The chief source of Ottoman inflation in the sixteenth century was: a. uncontrolled spending by the nobles b. poor tax-collecting policies c. too much silver from the Americas d. uncontrolled military spending 13. A major source of revolt in Anatolia was: a. impoverished students b. unemployed soldiers c. overtaxed peasants d. all of the above 14. The Ottoman Empire began to grow weak because of the disappearance of: a. the Sunni power in the government b. the devshirme and the land-grant systems c. the great construction projects and mosques d. all of the above 15. The decline of administrative control and rural disorder ironically produced: a. new opportunities for Europeans to dominate Ottoman markets b. new opportunities for Chinese to dominate Ottoman markets c. new opportunities for the Sultana to insist on obedience to the monarchy d. all of the above 16. Economic growth during the decline of the Ottoman Empire was increased because of: a. the wars with the Safavid Empire b. the devshirme system c. the growth of cash crops such as cotton and tobacco d. all of the above 17. The Ottomans grew to love which Arabian product traded from the city of Mocha? a. chocolate b. silk c. pecans d. coffee 18. Ottoman historians named the period between 1718 and 1730 the: a. Time of Woe b. Tulip Period c. Golden Age d. Time of Troubles 19. The decay of the Ottoman Empire became evident through with revolt? a. Patrona Halil rebellion b. Safavid rebellion c. Nat Turner Rebellion d. Battle of the Camel 20. The Ottomans’ chief rival, in Iran, was the: a. Saranid Empire b. Mughal Empire c. Safavid Empire d. Persian Empire 21. The sole declared religion in Iran in 1502 was: a. Shi’ite b. Sunni c. Kharijite d. none of the above because no si
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