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WHAP Chapter 25 Pre-Test Directions: Each of the questions or incomplete statements is followed by five suggested answers or completions. Select the one that best answers the question or completes the statement. 1. Latin American revolutions were initially triggered by: a. increased tax money flowing back to Europe b. suppression of the church in Latin America c. Napoleon’s invasions of Spain and Portugal d. confiscation of all colonial lands 2. The Junta Central was a political body established: a. to organize the overthrow of colonial powers b. in Mexico to maintain European domination c. to coordinate many diverse revolutionary groups d. to rule Spain during French occupation 3. The overthrow of the Venezuelan, Mexican, and Bolivian colonial governments was initially led by: a. the uneducated peasantry b. local elites c. local church leaders d. slaves 4. In his revolution, Simon Bolivar was aided by: a. enlisting English veterans to his cause b. a military revolt in Spain c. both a and b d. none of the above 5. In 1810, Spain’s richest and most populous American colony was: a. Venezuela b. Brazil c. Peru d. Mexico 6. With the king of Spain imprisoned by the French, the authority of Spanish colonial officials was in reality based on: a. brute force b. popular sovereignty c. reason and compromise d. anarchy 7. The Mexican revolutionaries Jose Maria Morelos and Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla were: a. lawyers b. priests c. military officers d. labor union organizers 8. After declaring independence in 1822, Brazil’s new government was a: a. constitutional republic b. constitutional monarchy c. dictatorship d. military dictatorship 9. Emperor Pedro I of Brazil: a. signed a treaty with Great Britain to end participation in the slave trade b. secretly favored slavery and sought to protect the slave-owning class c. had his popular son, Pedro II, murdered to protect his interests in the throne d. all of the above 10. One area most Latin American governments had difficulty with was: a. deciding whether the church would retain religious monopoly and control of education as in the colonial era b. deciding how many branches of government to have c. the relationship they would have with Europe d. how to keep the elites from taking over 11. In Latin America, leaders who were called caudillos: a. were those most sympathetic to the old regimes b. ruled without the cooperation of the church c. were personalist leaders who held power without constitutional sanction d. were chosen by popular election 12. The similarities between Venezuelan leader Jose Antonio Paez and American Andrew Jackson: a. that both were successful military leaders b. that both had uneducated and poor beginnings c. that both challenged constitutional limits to their power d. all of the above 13. Low literacy levels and a weak constitutional tradition in Latin America resulted in: a. distrust of personalist leaders b. few checks on ambitious politicians c. few dictatorships d. an almost nonexistent judiciary 14. The issue of slavery in the United States: a. was never even addressed in the Constitution b. was more a political than a regional issue c. was not a divisive issue d. became a bigger issue with territorial expansion 15. Unlike other American revolutions of the period, the failure of the Confederacy in the U.S. Civil War was due in part to: a. seventy-five years of stability of the existing national government b. a counterrevolution within the Confederate government c. the support of the church for the existing government d. none of the above 16. A French army was driven out of Mexico by: a. Benito Juarez b. Simon Bo
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