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Nonprofit Leadership and Management
NLM 300
Torrie Taj

STUDY GUIDE This is simply designed to help know what is on the exam. The exact questions are not on here, but all of this content is on the exam. I already took it and can verify that 95% of this is on the exam. Nothing is very specific, but if you look through the book, your notes, or the note I have uploaded for this course, you can find the information there for more precise answers. Midterm review!!! T/F, multiple choice, 50 questions. Textbook, and in class material. Scantron BRING A#2 PENCIL. Ch 1, 10, 24, 28, 35, 2,3,4,29, 6, 19, 20, 21. Review key questions from the ppts. These are on blackboard. * Review Ladder of Effectiveness * Review Fund Raising Pyramid * What is a gift range chart? * Define the word philanthropy. * What are the major and minor premises associated with philanthropy? * What is the 3 sector model of the U.S.A. society? * Know the 7 significant roles of nonprofits * Characteristics of philanthropy according to the Greeks and Romans * Why was de Tocqueville important? * Know the 2 major strains of U.S. Philanthropy * Review Size and scope of the nonprofit sector (# of org’s, % volunteerism and $ giving in power points) * Review Contributions by source…look at pie charts * Review Contributions by type of recipient… look at pie charts on Giving USA * What i
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