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ACCT 6700
Marla Spergel

CPHL 501 Sample Final ExamTrue or false1 Frye claims that any instance of sexual harassment constitutes a serious harm against all women2 According to Wright and other evolutionists the following principle holds across all speciesfemales are more sexually reserved than males3 Wright claims that if some behaviour is natural ie based in an organisms evolved characteristics then that behaviour is morally acceptable4 According to Superson the following is a necessary condition for a behaviour to count as sexual harassmentthe harasser is sexually aroused by the victimMultiple Choice1 Superson claims that sexual harassment is a a kind of group harmb based in the evolved traits of our speciesc inextricably linked to ideologies of white supremacyd almost nonexistent among the Inuit and Mayan peoplese None of the above2 Which of the following is an instance of sexual harassment according to Supersona A female professors cogent comments at a philosophy department meeting are greeted with eyerolling and frowns from her male colleaguesb A girl is happy to be ogled and
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