PSYC 2140 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Stanford Prison Experiment, Nuremberg Code, Animal Testing

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Study guide- exam 2- chapters 4 and 5. Be sure you know the historical events that led up to the adaptation of ethical guidelines- watch the film again- Thalidomide, nuremberg and the atrocities of ww ii, tuskegee syphilis study, milgram, willowbrook, stanford prison study, jury deliberation, sloan kettering cancer study, etc. Know the details of the aforementioned studies/historical events. (see your notes!) Why are ethics vital to science: to protect human and animal rights. Inform them of risks and benefits if any actual participants. Why is it forbidden: coercion is an implicit or explicit suggestion that those who do not participate will suffer a negative consequence. The benefits must outweigh risks. : they assess the costs and benefits of the study they are going to conduct, and if the community will be benefited or harmed. Why and who developed principles of belmont report: 1976- commission of physicians, ethicists, philosophers, scientists gathered at the belmont conference in.

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