PSYC 2140 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Quota Sampling, Multistage Sampling, Cluster Sampling

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Chapter 6 quiz: incorrect: which of the following is a method that researchers use to reduce reactivity in observational studies, use multiple observers, develop a clearer coding system, use unobtrusive data, use a masked or blind study design. She has a list of all the out-of-state and in-state students currently enrolled at the college. She randomly selects 70 students from the out-of-state list and 30 students from the in-state list. Which sampling method is she using: cluster sampling, multistage sampling, quota sampling, stratified random sampling, dr. jennings is doing a study on the. *in stratified random sampling, the researcher selects particular demographic categories on purpose and then randomly selects individuals within each of the categories. experience of being a racial minority on a college campus. He goes to the asian student association, black student union, and hispanic student. Group on his campus to recruit participants for his study.

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