HAMG 2330 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Total Quality Management, Contingency Plan, Strategic Planning

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22 Aug 2017

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Supervisor: a person who leads and manages employees who are performing services or making products. Responsibilities include: the output of the people supervised, the quality and quantity of the products and services, meeting the needs of the employees by motivating and stimulating proper job performance. The supervisor in the middle has obligations to: owners--to make their enterprise profitable and to run things their way, guests--treat them well and they will come back, employees their needs and desires. First-line supervisor: leading and managing hourly paid employees, their focus is on supervision. Working supervisor: performs tasks of hourly employees, their focus is on work and supervision. Authority: possessing the rights and powers to make the decisions and take the actions to get the job done. Responsibility: the duties and activities assigned to a given job or person, along with any obligations to carry them out.

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