HAMG 2330 Study Guide - Final Guide: Job Satisfaction, Job Performance, Job Enrichment

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22 Aug 2017

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Motivation: the needs, desires, fear, & aspirations within human beings that makes them behave as they do. Five different character types of work: expert: motivated by mastery, control, autonomy, helper: motivating by caring for people, defender: motivated by protection, dignity. Innovator: motivated by creating, experimenting: self-developer: motivated by balancing competence, play, knowledge and growth. If you want to improve performance, then, you will give positive reinforcement: (attention, praise) whenever people do things right: reinforcement and expectancy theory: p(cid:396)aises a(cid:374)d (cid:396)e(cid:449)a(cid:396)ds e(cid:373)plo(cid:455)ee"s good (cid:271)eha(cid:448)io(cid:396) a(cid:374)d undesired behavior is not reinforced. Positive reinforcement should be given right after the behavior occurs: negative reinforcement is the withholding of praise & rewards for inferior performance. Maslo(cid:449)"s hie(cid:396)a(cid:396)(cid:272)h(cid:455) of needs: human beings behave in ways that will satisfy their needs & wants (cid:862) elf-a(cid:272)tualizatio(cid:374)(cid:863): the desire to fulfill o(cid:374)e"s o(cid:449)(cid:374) pote(cid:374)tial (cid:862)ego(cid:863) (cid:374)eeds: respect of others, confidence, achievement, respect by others.

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