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HIST 150 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Zoroaster, Diocletian, Akhenaten

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HIST 150
Study Guide

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HIST 150 Dr. Sviatoslav Dmitriev
First Quiz
1. The first Roman province was Sicily
2. The kingdom of Agamemnon centered on Mycenae
3. Cuneiform was a writing system in Mesopotamia
4. The founder of the Athenian demokratia was Cleisthenes
5. The correct order of the battles of Alexander the Great is as follows:
a. The battle of the river Granicus
b. The battle of Issus
c. The battle of Gaugamelae
6. The Council of Nicea established the Creed
7. Zoroaster (Zarathustra) lived in Persia
8. The Alexandrian Museion venerated nine muses
9. The Roman empire reached its biggest expansion under Trajan
10. The correct chronological order is as follows:
a. The 1st Triumvirate
b. Caesar’s capaig i Gaul
c. The crossing of the Rubicon
d. The 2nd Triumvirate
11. Olympic games were dedicated to Zeus
12. The Great Persecutions were initiated by Diocletian
13. The monotheistic reform in Egypt was introduced by Amenhotep IV
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