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HIST 150 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Ninety-Five Theses, Petrarch, Sola Scriptura

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HIST 150
Study Guide

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HIST 150 Dr. Sviatoslav Dmitriev
Third Quiz
1. Napoleon was by origin from Corsica
2. Petrarch addressed his poems to Laura
3. Martin Luther published 95 theses
4. The correct chronological order was:
a. Austerlitz
b. Borodino
c. Leipzig
d. Waterloo
5. Treaty of Tordesillas was between Spain and Portugal
6. The scientific methodology was laid down by Francis Bacon
7. The Romanov dynasty was founded by Mikhail Romanov
8. The splendid isolation was the policy of – Britain
9. Adam Smith advocated the policy of laissez-faire
10. Versailles was built in the reign of Louis XIV
11. The man behind the unification of Italy was Guiseppe Garibaldi
12. The Holy Alliance was established at the Congress of Vienna
13. Sola scriptura refers to the Bible
14. John M. Keynes authored the theory of welfare capitalism
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