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ECON V 2029x

Human Resource Practice Midterm 1 1. When trying to be sustainable a company wants to create value from it’s? a. Accounts payable, and Accounts Receivable b. Physical, financial and intangible assets c. Customers and employees d. Competitors 2. The recruiting source with the highest yield ratio is: a. An executive search firm b. A university c. Job fairs d. The web 3. What is the usual goal of HR planning with respect to HR supply and demand? a. To have a surplus of human resource supply b. To have a shortage of supply of human resources c. To have supply and demand of HR equal to each other d. HR planning does not usually take supply and demand of human resources into account 4. A person’s capacity to invent solutions to many diverse problems a. Cognitive ability tests b. Verbal comprehension c. Quantitative ability d. Reasoning ability 5. The ability to capitalize on an organization's diverse talent pool is called: a. Strategic Diversity b. Diversity Supervision c. Diversity Talent d. Diversity Management 6. Karen has been working at XYZ Corporation for five years as a frontline worker with potential to handle responsibilities beyond her current job. Her co-worker Nick has only worked at the company for a couple years but was just promoted to supervisor. Which of the following best describes the situation exhibited here? a. Escalation b. Invisible Floor c. Glass Ceiling d. Discrimination 7. What is downsizing? a. Planned elimination of a large number of personnel, designed to enhance organizational effectiveness b. Planned elimination of office space, designed to enhance effectiveness of office c. Planned elimination of products, in order to focus on new market and product development Human Resource Practice Midterm 2 d. Planned elimination of vendors and suppliers to allow business to expand to new markets 8. Which of the following statement is TRUE for ethical dilemma? a. 2 or more values are in conflict b. Need to weigh the values and decide c. Many decisions need to be made in moment d. Often fall in “grey area” between what is illegal and what is widely agreed e. All of the above are true 9. The following are all potential side effects of lay-offs except a. A larger-spanned workforce b. Loss of human capital c. Loss of social capital d. Increased turnover 10. "Homeshoring" is a process that refers to? a. Outsourcing to a different region in North America b. Moving jobs to a region with the same economic structure as North America c. Jobs that were once outsourced and now moving back to North America d. None of the above 11. Michael has applied to be a data entry clerk. During the selection process he was asked to complete a database operations test. This is an example of: a. Predictive validation b. Content validation c. Criterion-related validation d. Predictive validation 12. Divisional structures are most appropriate in ______ &______ environments. a. Unstable & Unpredictable b. Complex & Unpredictable c. Stable & Uniform d. Unique & Innovative 13. Which is not one of the six keys to a successful diversity management plan? a. Communication b. Pay equity among workers c. Diversity training and education d. Ensure a system of support 14. The Service Canada website provides a free Job Bank service to Canadian residents. What type of service are they providing? a. Private Service. b. Public Service. c. External Service. d. Internal Service. 15. Which of the following is the lowest level of integration? a. One- way linkage b. Integrative linkage Human Resource Practice Midterm 3 c. Two-way linkage d. Administrative linkage 16. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a divisional structure? a. has a relatively low level of centralization b. has a relatively high level of centralization c. is not very efficient because of the redundancy associated with each group d. can “self-cannibalize” if the gains achieved in one unit come at the expense of another unit e. None of the above 17. What is the basic process of HR strategy? a. a. scan the external environment, identify strategic business issues, identify people issues, develop HR strategy, communicate the HR strategy b. b. identify people issues, develop HR strategy, scan the external environment, communicate the HR strategy, strategic business issues c. c. develop HR strategy, communicate the HR strategy, identify people issues, scan the external environment, identify strategic business issues d. d. none of the above 18. A contribution margin can be defined as a. The difference between what you charge for your product and the variable costs of that product. b. What is left after you have paid your variable and fixed costs. c. The total amount of margin you made. d. None of the above. 19. The legal system that the province of Quebec governs under is called: a. Federal Law b. Comprehensive Law c. Civil Law d. Québécois Law e. Common Law 20. What is a potential downside of functional departmentation? a. It is costly to implement b. There may be internal resistance to this type of departmentation c. Members of individual units don’t have a good concept of overall organizational goals d. It is too basic in nature to work in the complex business environment characteristic of big business today. 21. Cognitive ability tests include which dimensions? a. Verbal comprehension b. Reasoning ability c. Mathematic ability d. A and B only e. All of the above Human Resource Practice Midterm 4 22. Which of the following is one of “the big five” personality dimensions? a. Extraversion b. Intelligence c. Honesty d. Reliability 23. What describes what an employee expects to contribute and what the company will provide to the employee for these contributions? a. Psychoeducational contract b. Psychological contract c. Contributions agreement d. Contributions contract 24. Which of the following does NOT belong to the categories of HRM activities? a. Transformational b. Traditional c. Transactional d. Training 25. A list of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities that a job entails a. Job Analysis b. Job Specification c. Job Description d. Job Redesign e. Job Design 26. Which of the following is not one of the six sections included in a Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ)? a. Mental Processes b. Relationships with other persons c. Job Context d. Forecasting Labour Supply for the Job 27. The Judicial Branch consist of ____________ a. Civil and criminal provincial courts b. Courts of first instance c. Appellate courts d. Supreme Court of Canada e. All of the above 28. When an applicant is confronted with specific future-based issues, questions or problems, they are most likely involved in a? a. Broad Descriptive Interview b. Situational interview c. Decision-maker interview d. Problem 29. Company XYZ. Ltd, has the ability to maintain and gain market share in its industry, this refers to XYZ’s Human Resource Practice Midterm 5 a. Competitiveness b. Human resource management c. Strategic Human resource d. Social responsibility 30. High-performance work systems ___________ the fit between the company’s employees and the technical system a. Minimize b. Limit c. Maximize d. Organize 31. What is not a criterion to assess Bona Fide Occupational Requirement? a. Is the standard allowing everyone to perform the job? b. Is the standard reasonably necessary to accomplish its purpose? c. Is the standard rationally connected to the performance of the job? d. Was the standard established in an honest and good faith belief that it was necessary to accomplish this purpose? 32. Situational interviews are _____________; whereas behavioral interviews are _____________. a. Experience-based; Future-based b. Experience-based; Experience-based c. Future-based; Future-based d. Future-based; Experience-based 33. BDI stands for what? a. Broad Descriptive Interview b. Behavioural Description Interview c. Base Development Internship d. Behavioural Discretion Implied 34. An emerging Canadian clothing company is finding it hard to survive with increasing labour costs. What HR practices can this company adopt to resolve this issue? a. Offshoring b. Total quality management c. Have a balanced score card d. Minimize intangible assets 35. All of the following are examples of human capital EXCEPT a. Tacit knowledge b. Management philosophy c. Education d. Work-related competence 36. What are the most obvious and frequently used sources of job analysis information? a. Job Incumbents b. Supervisors c. Customers Human Resource Practice Midterm 6 d. Both a) and c) e. Both a) and b) 37. What are the 5 generic standards that should be met in any selection process? a. reliability, legality, validity, generalizability, quality b. validity, legality, criteria, quality, utility c. utility, reliability, validity, legality, generalizability d. None of the Above 38. Coca-Cola pays their employees $23.50 per hour while the current market wage is $19.35 per hour. What is Coca-colas approach to pay: a. Wage incentive b. Lead-the-market c. Contribution pay d. Benefit program 39. What is the result of the Hawthorne studies? a. Started the human relations movement b. Discovered the Hawthorne effect, as they realized the decrease in productivity of those being studied c. Human considerations in job design were disregarded d. All of the above 40. Which of the following was criticized as promoting inequality by giving preferential treatment to some groups? a. The Employment Equity Act (EEA) b. The Employment Insurance Act (EIA) c. The Employment Standards Act (ESA) d. None of the above 41. For every dollar earned by men, how much do Canadian women earn, on average, after making the necessary adjustments? a. $0.93 b. $0.85 c. $0.71 d. $1.00 42. Which of the following is not an example of reasonable accommodation? a. Creating a permanent new position b. Placing an employee in a modified job c. Providing retraining d. Transferring an employee too an alternative job e. Altering shift schedules 43. A strategy focusing on increasing market share, reducing costs, or creating and maintaining a market niche for products and services refers to a. Concentration Strategy b. Internal Growth Strategy c. Audit Approach d. Analytic Approach 44. Which of the following does not belong in the Reengineering Process Human Resource Practice Midterm 7 a. Identify the process to be reengineered b. Understand the process c. Redesign the process d. Experience the process 45. HRM Department or HRM professionals do all of the following except: a. Have specialized expertise b. Lead / develop HR processes c. Train, listen, support managers in these processes d. Ensure legal compliance 46. Ethics can be defined as ________________: a) Standards of conduct and moral judgment that determine right and wrong behaviour. b) Message conveyed or lesson to be learned. c) Degree to which employees are fully involved in their work and strength of their commitment to their job and company. d) Doing the best possible option. e) A and C 47. Which department helps unemployed Canadians find work through its online Job Bank? a. National Occupational Classification (NOC) b. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) c. Human Resources and Technology Canada (HRTC) d. A and C e. B and C 48. Human resources policies are also referred to as a. Organizational behavior policies b. People policies c. Recruitment policies d. Personnel policies 49. The term “undue hardship” is described as _______________. a. Bullying in the workplace b. Adjustments that employers are legally obligated to make to their policies, and practices to ensure an employee is not subject to discrimination c. The limit upon an employer’s duty to accommodate an employee under human rights legislation d. A qualification that is necessary to the performance of a job 50. Which of the following is not a type of discrimination that has emerged from human rights legislation: a. Systemic b. Multifaceted c. Direct d. Constructive e. None of the above 51. All of the following can be done to make layoffs more effective except: Human Resource Practice Midterm 8 a. Show consideration of employee welfare during downsizing b. Provide advance notice of layoffs c. Provide extended insurance benefits to laid off workers d. Give them a positive outlook on the future, ex. Recall you when business has improved e. All of the above are correct 52. Company XYZ is looking to adhere to quality standards with their products and services. What is a HRM function that pursuits international standards of certification and implement business strategies to improve the quality of process outputs? a. Standard Quality Management b. Standard Quality Maintenance c. Total Quality Maintenance d. Total Quality Management 53. Which of the following is false: a. Internal recruiting minimizes the possibility of inflated expectations about a job b. Internal recruiting is cheaper and faster than external recruiting c. Internal recruiting prevents a cascading effect from occurring d. Internal recruiting may prevent innovation within a company 54. Behavioral description interviews are: a. Interviews posing non-contextual questions that have one correct answer b. Interviews posin
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