BUS 1000 Final: Excel Must Knows

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Business Administration and Policy
BUS 1000
Berna Basar

RECITATION CHEAT SHEET EXCEL BASICS: o PROFIT Profit = revenue cost o SUM =SUM(First number: last number) o AVG =AVERAGE(First number: last number) PIVOT TABLES INCOME STATEMENT o Gross Profit Margin = Revenue COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) o Net Income before tax = GPM (Gross Profit Margin) Operating Expenses o Net Income = Net Income before tax taxes LOOKUP o =LOOKUP(el,nter source cell, {range of numbers}, {group, names}) o (1,2) = group COUNTIF o How many times in a certain group o =COUNTIF(highlight all the cells, group name) BREAKEVEN POINT o Units Sold o Price per Unit o Revenue (Units sold * price per unit) o Fixed Cost o Variable Cost o Total Costs = fixed cost + (Variable * units sold) o Profit = total cost revenue o Breakeven point = = fixed cost (price per unit variable cost per unit) CHARTS AND GRAPHS
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