CIS 2200- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 26 pages long!)

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Business driven technology: learning objectives, describe the information age and the differences between data, information, business intelligence, and knowledge. Identify the different departments in a company and why they must work together to achieve success: explain systems thinking and how management information systems enable business communications, fact: the confirmation or validation of an event or object. Diagramming: as-is process models: represent the current state of the operation that has been mapped. Limit the to-be processes: to-be process models: display how the process can be solved or implemented. Increase supplier power: plan source make deliver return, decrease power of buyer, create enter barriers reducing the threat of new entrants, reduce substitutes. Cis 2200: customer relationship management: managing all aspects of a customer"s relationship with an organization. Identify sales: marketing promotions to increase spending of low-value customers, call, email, web, fax, customer analytics: gathering, classifying, and comparing customer data for.