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29 Nov 2016

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Appeared in east africa about four million to one million years ago. 2. 5 million to two hundred thousand years ago, east africa. Large brain; sophisticated tools; de nitely knew how to control re. Developed language skills in well-coordinated hunts of large animals. Migrated to asia and europe; established throughout by two hundred thousand years ago. Evolved as early as two hundred thousand years ago. Brain with large frontal regions for conscious and re ective thought. Spread throughout eurasia beginning more than one hundred thousand years ago, Ice age land bridges enabled them to populate other continents. Homo sapiens used knives, spears, bows, and arrows. Economy and society of hunting and gathering peoples. Lived in small bands, about thirty to fty members in each group. Big game hunting with special tools and tactics. Chinook in paci c northwest area of north america. Careful, deliberate burials were evidence of a capacity for emotion and feelings.