BUS 1101 Final: BUS1101 Final Exam Review

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30 Apr 2016

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What is the most important day that you should be in attendance in your classes? (hint: the day that the professor goes over the syllabus) To earn academic credit in a business course, a student must attend at least ____ percent of all class sessions for that course, regardless of why you missed the classes. (see course syllabus) You must take a certain course before you can take another. Which office in the paul foster success center can help you with grade recovery, study strategies, tutoring, and withdrawals from the university? (see website) How many hours must you complete to move up to each classification at baylor (i. e. , freshman, sophomore, etc. )? (see pg. Freshman: 30-, sophomore: 30+, junior: 60, senior: 90. What is the maximum number of hours for which you may register in the fall or spring without asking for an overload? (see pg.

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