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CSD 2318 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Operant Conditioning, Prosodic Bootstrapping, Specific Language Impairment

Communication Sciences And Disorders
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CSD 2318
Jana Parker
Study Guide

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o Smallest units of language that carry meaning and are combined to make words
Auditory overshadowing
o A preference for auditory rather than visual information
o Pertains to the rules governing language use for social purposes
Paralinguistic feedback
o Refers to the use of pitch, loudness, pausing
o More likely to have language impairment
Specific Language Impairment (SLI)
o Most common type of communication impairment affecting children
Present progressive -ing
o Earliest appearing grammatical morpheme
o Percentage that a child includes a grammatical morpheme and is considered to have
mastered the morpheme
Metalinguistic awareness
o Heightened in children who can readily switch between dialects and it can support
reading development
Difficulty with grammatical morphology
o One hallmark feature of SLI
860 words
o Amount of new words a child learns between ages 1 and 7 years
Ostensive word learning contexts
o A great deal of contextual information is provided about a novel word either
linguistically or extralinguistically
Early protoconversation
o Where priary aregiers ofte iterpret hildre’s oal or gestural ontributions and
childre’s oersatioal skills eerge
o Refers to the top of the brain on the horizontal axis
Corpus callosum
o A band of fibers that connects the two cerebral hemispheres
Theory of mind
o Oe’s aility to attriute etal states to others
Broa’s area
o Responsible for the fine coordination of speech output
Werike’s area
o A site in the left temporal lobe that is critical for language comprehension
Frontal lobe
o Pragmatic ability draws primarily on its functions
Sensitive period
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