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FORS 1390 Study Guide - Final Guide: Rifling, Sole Markings, Autopsy

Forensic Science
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FORS 1390
Study Guide

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Fors sci final
Scientists responsible: generalists
Fingerprints: Dalton
Firearms: goddard
Locards interest: trace
Father of tox: orphila
Lab agree to operate: accredidation
Expert qualification: voir dire
Court approved info: evidence
Admissibility determined by: rules of evidence
Admissible evidence: reliable and relevant
Rules of evidence: federal
Name daubert decision for judge: gate keeper
Forensice evidence: circumstancial
Method Latent print developed depends on: a and b
Linkage of things: based on locard
Classification of first activity: primary crime scene
First responders’ duty: all
Videography: no all
Sketched in investigation: final
Ex of a fixed point: pole
Process of determining events: reconstructing scene
Goal of generating evidence: establishing material facts
Type of evidence that doesn’t reference suspect: class/exculp.
Generalist model: false
Sherlock: influential--- false
Scientific process through which facts are generated: true
Admissibility hearings don’t allow tests: false
Criminalist responsible to determine guilt: false
Contamination log is kept as record of enterance: true
Anthropometry used till fingerprints: true
Fs can only testify in suitas: false
Unethical: false
Federal evidence screening: true
Testimony isn’t evidence: F
Boundaries permanent: f
Who is more important than how: f
Link to suspect: f
Documentation: t
Videoing crime scene jumping: f
Responsible for probability models: Balthazar
Criminalistics: gross
English trans. Of first fs textbook: criminology
Common examination of doc: all
Foundation consists of info to convince judge of truth: true
Kind of doc must be followed if new items are found: consistent w/ others
Investigator limit photos: f
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