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GEOG 1300

 Iran fought a major war during the 1980’s with Iraq  Egypt’s peasant farmers are known as fellaheen  Which of the following associations is incorrect? All of them are correct Egypt: Coptic Christian, Israel: Jewish, Iran: Shiite Muslim, Lebanon: Hindu  Libya’s longtime ruler is named Gadhafi  Today, about 85 percent of all Muslims are Sunnis True  The Arab state with which Israel has a formal peace treaty is Turkey  Which of the following oil producers does not border the Persian Gulf? Libya o Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Oman all border the Gulf and are oil producers  The Kurds are a national group struggling for political identity along the northern and eastern peripheries of the state of Iraq  A minority group in Northern Iraq that has expressed its desire for an independent state is the Kurds  Shi’ite Muslims constitute the great majority of the population in Iran  Afghanistan is not one of the 5 republics of Turkestan  Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Kirghizia are four of the five republics of Turkestan  The impact of the oil industry has been greatest in the countries with large supplies and small populations  The Ottoman Empire was headquartered in the city of Constantinople  The religion most closely associated with Southwest Asia is Islam  Which of the following areas has little, if any, oil reserves? Turkey  OPEC is an Oil Cartel  Egypt is considered to be the leader of the Arab World True  The largest oil reserves in the Middle East are in Saudi Arabia  Jordan has absorbed large groups of Palestinians  Incorrect: The Islamic faith holds that Jesus was a “false” prophet  True: The precepts of Islam, in many ways, constitute a revision and embellishment of Judaic and Christian beliefs and traditions.  True: Muslims believe that there is only one God.  True: The primary prophet in Islam is Muhammad.  True: Muslims are expected to make a pilgrimage to Mecca.  Israel regards which city as its capital? Jerusalem  The Arab-Berber alliance is known as the Moors. True  The countries of the Maghreb are all collectively referred to as the Barbary states; are Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia; derive their sustenance from the slopes and life-giving rains drawn from the Atlas Mountains; were all drawn into the French colonial sphere  The correct order of the empires in the Middle East is Persian, Greek, and then Roman True  About the Caste System: o It may have a racial basis o The Brahmans are members of the upper caste o Both Gandhi and Nehru tried to modify the system o The lowest caste is the
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