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PHY 1420 Midterm: Test 2 Notes

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PHY 1420
Yu Mei Wu

Chapter 5: Using newtons laws: friction, circular motion, drag forces static friction applies when two surfaces are at rest with respect to each other (such as a book sitting on a table) Sliding friction: kinetic friction Usually it is easier to keep an object sliding than it is to get it started. Approximation of the frictional force: =normal force = coefficient of kinetic friction So, = And = is always less than Go over example 55, 57 Uniform Circular Motion Kinematics Uniform circular motion: motion in a circle of constant radius at constant speed Instantaneous velocity is always tangent to the circle. However dont have constant velocity since direction is changing all the time. Therefore acceleration is not zero. (since velocity is changing) Magnitude of acceleration is always constant, though, just the direction Centripetal force If you spin a lanyard and while spinning cut the lanyard, it will fly away. Therefore, there is tension force acting on it 2 Centripetal force = = + = To find minimal velocity to keep lanyard spinning, find minimal force of tension. Direction of acceleration points to the center of the circle of spin
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