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PSC 2302
James Curry

PSC sample questions 10/31/2013 6:34:00 AM Supreme court ruling in mcCulloch v. Maryland was based on  Nullification  States rights  National supremacy  Separation of powers The constitutional clause that supports the idea of implied powers is known as  Commerce clause  Spending clause  Taxing clause  necessary and proper clause the final decision on admitting new states to the Union rests with:  congress  supreme court  president  none of these nullification is an idea that rests on the principle of  national supremacy  state sovereignty  judicial review  enumerated powers president Reagan favored returning some powers to the states through a process known as  state pride  federal preemption  personal responsibility  devolution Arizona v. United States tested whether a state could set immigration policy. Most of the Arizona law was struck down due to the doctrine of  Nullification  Preemption  Reconstruction  Sovereign immunity Where in the constitution is U.S. citizenship defined  Nowhere  Fifth amendment  Fourteenth amendment  Commerce clause In which of these cases did the supreme court restrict the federal commerce power  Gibbons v. ogden  U.s. v. lopez  U.S. v. darby  All of these Congress has the authority to remove all racial discrimination form interstate commerce. From the case of  Heart of Atlanta motel v. U.S.  U.S. v. Darby  Plessy v. ferguson  Brown v. board of education This federal law outlawed all monopolies that were in restraint of trade in interstate commerce  Civil rights act of 1964  Voting rights act of 1965  Sherman anti-trust act  Roosevelt anti-trust act Wheat grown on the family farm competes with wheat in interstate commerce. From the ruling in:  U.s. v. darby  Gibbons v. ogden  Kellogg cereal v. rice krispies  Wickard v. filburn The “individual mandate” provision of the affordable care act was:  Struck down under the commerce clause  Struck down under the spending power  Upheld under the taxing power  Upheld under the commerce power Which of the following persons was a slave at one time in hes/her life?  1.Frederick douglass  2. Elizabeth cady Stanton  3. Malcolm X  4. Dred scott  A. 1,2 b. 3,4 c. 2,3 d. 1,4 Slavery was abolished in the entire U.S. by the  13thamendment th  14 amendment  15thamendment  lincoln‟s emancipation proclamation the doctrine of segregating white and black people was known as  separate but equal  equal protection for all  affirmative action  nullification  racial profiling which of these was not mentioned in the video that you watched on civil rights  assassination of JFK  assassination of MLK  assassination of RFK  assassination of Malcolm X  all were mentioned in the video rational scrutiny requires the government to prove that the law in question is  perfect in every respect  not discriminatory in any way  required by a compelling interest  rational swann v. charlotte-mecklenberg school district gave federal judges power to end segregation by using which of these  busing for desegregation  desegregated faculty  attendance zones  all of these when seattle schools used race as one of the factors in assigning students to school, the supreme court said:  any use of race is unconstitutional  race can be used for better diversity  if race is used, it must be done on a “separate but equal basis”  none of these which of these were used by state to prevent persons from voting  literacy tests  poll taxes  grandfather clauses  all of the above the right to vote may not be denied on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. From  13 thamendment th  14 amendment  15 thamendment  all of the above the e
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