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13 Oct 2017

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Synoptic gospels- matthew, mark and luke; strikingly similar. Matthew and luke drew from mark"s (used his gospel as a source) experiences and their own sources. Although each gospel has its own points of emphasis on different events. Luke is distinctive and unique- emphasis on the poor and needy. Luke emphasizes wealth and possessions and how to deal with them. John the baptist is responding to the crowds in one text (luke) and the pharisees and. Luke gives advice on how to follow the ways of god despite their economic roles; he addresses the crowds, tax collectors, soldiers. Pointing to the idea that a theme emerges then it must have importance. Economic: in context of the gospel of luke, he focuses on materialistic wealth. God is going to switch the roles of the wealthy and poor. Eternal justice; god is going to right all the wrongs (pie in the sky)

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