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[REL 1350] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (51 pages long)

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REL 1350

[REL 1350] Comprehensive Final Exam guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Boundaries of the Faith: Irenaeus and Gnosticism Montanism (REL 1350 Weaver) • Review: Heresy: incorrect belief; false doctrine and Orthodoxy: correct belief Gnosticism • Gnosticism is considered the most influential heresy of early Christianity o Gnosticism was an attempt to make elements of Christianity compatible with Greek culture and thought (and roman empire) o Widespread second and third centuries; very influential in Egypt • Meaning of Gnosis o To know – a secret divine knowledge (an intellectual movement) o _Salvation_ achieved through gnosis (saved from the bad or saved for the good) • General characteristics o Not one gnostic group (diversity) o Esoteric (mystery or secret)/Elitist ▪ the knowledge (gnosis) not intended for all ▪ Only those few who have been initiated into this special knowledge will be saved o Scripture/Continuing __Revelation___ ▪ God spoke through New Testament writings as well as other writings that Jesus alleged revealed secretly to gnostics o Radical __Dualism__ ▪ the world (matter) is evil; soul (spirit) is good, but trapped in the body (body matter: mind, soul, consciousness) • God and the world o God is separated (transcendent) from creation by a vast complex of heavenly powers. o The unity of God (Pleroma_) broken by a cosmic “fall” o Sophia (Wisdom_) falls and produces the Demiurge (her son- a divine being but he is not perfect) o Humanity and this World ▪ The creator of this imperfect world is the __Demiurge__, Yahweh of the Old Testament • Read the God of the OT differently! ▪ So: Humans have a spirit trapped inside the evil body (dualism!) find more resources at
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