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REL 1350 Midterm: Concise last-minute notes for Exam 2

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REL 1350

Council of Nicaea (325 CE) Arius Heteroousios o The son is not COETERNAL to the father o Separate beings, son was created by the father. Called by Constantine Easter date was finally set. Problem with the term homoousios bc resembled Sabellianism o Modalism (Sabellianism) mentioned in the Council of Nicaea as well. God has different modes: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Argues that God is one being with different MODES Heresy Contrary to trinity, this was the belief that God could only exist as 1 tripartite at a time; father, son, or holy spirit. The problem with this was that it made it seem that God was talking to himself. issue: Is the Son talking to himself? Postnicene developments Many others tried to replace homoousios (of the same substance) with homoiousios (of similar substance) since homoousios resembled Sabellianism. Athanasius key defender of the Nicene creed o Argued that the son and the father are of the same substance o Did not want to replace homoousios with homoiousios The identity (homoousion) of the Father and the Son was crucial. If Christ were not truly God, then his sacrifice could not erase the corruption of humans. Only God could do that. Cappadocian Fathers o Asserted that although there was in God but one substance (homoousion), there were three persons (hypostasis). This breakthrough was the accomplishment of three individuals: Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nazianzus, and Gregory of Nyssa. Homoousios of the EXACT SAME substance Homiousios of SIMILAR substance Heteroousios DIFFERENT substance (Arius advocated this) Council of Constantinople (381 CE) By Theodosius, a foe of Arianism Nicene creed reaffirmed Trinity o THREE PERSONS ONE SUBSTANCE. Christ is FULLY HUMAN Alexandria vs. Antioch
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