THEA 1206 Study Guide - Final Guide: Vsevolod Meyerhold, Edward Gordon Craig, Moscow Art Theatre

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New playwrights: henrik ibsen (norway) tackled taboo social/moral issues, frequently censored, anton chekhov (russia) worked with stanislavski, carefully detailed plots, no extras, tragicomedy, august strindberg (sweden) wanted naturalism, fragmented/interrupted dialogue, later expressionism. Music theatre: opera > operetta > musicals, classical musical theatre 1920s-1960s; longer shows, more unity of story elements (west side story, Blonde, mamma mia, beauty and the beast: revues = musicals based around the music of an artist, other (hybrid) cannot always be defined, re-emerging television musical (wicked, hairspray) Hamilton: lin manuel using minorities to depict roles in american history using hip-hop, rap, r&b, pop, and musical theatre style shows, opened in 2015 and sold out through 2017. Lin manuel miranda: promotes ethnic diversity, working knowledge and understanding of variety of styles, ability to rap about any subject on the spot, spanish revival of west side story with sondheim, bring it on: the.