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Anatomy Exam 1 Additional Notes

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Boston College
BIOL 1300

Back and Limbs – Helpful Hints for B&L Exam  There will be no questions from Dr. Reitman’s lecture.  Help over the weekend:  Schedule of prosector and TA reviews: oCat Agustiady & Aaron Rodriguez - Sat 8-11am oBecca Lufler and Josh Stefanik – Mon 1-3, Tues 11:30-1:30 oMeghan Hughes - Mon 3-6pm , Tues 3-5pm oRick Birkhart – Tues 3-5pm oChad Farris - Mon 1-3, Tues 1-5pm  Dissection Evaluations:  Lab will be closed Friday, September 28, from 9-noon (and noon-4 for practice practical setup).  The faculty will grade all dissections and post the grades on the website indicating how your group did, at the earliest convenience.  Practice Practical Exam:  Starts at 4:00 on Friday September 28.  AMSA will be setting the practical exam up starting at 12:00 so please do not go into lab from 12:00-4:00 while they are setting up. The exam will be ready starting at 4:00 and we have no plans to take the exam down. Therefore, you will be able to take the exam any time on Friday evening and through the weekend (as long as the bodies are handled carefully!).  If you notice the bodies (especially the distal appendages) getting dry, please spray them down with glycerin found in bottles throughout the room.  An answer key will be posted on the wall near the side room in the lab so you can correct your own paper … Good luck!  Dissection Evaluations (***IMPORTANT***) – Please make sure the lab is clean and your dissection station is immaculate before the dissection evaluation. There should be no dissection instruments in the bag and the bag should be clean. Your tissue containers should be emptied and a new clean bag in place. Fluid buckets should be empty and in place. Body bags should be centered on the tables and all bodies should be in the supine (face-up) position. Presen
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