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Exam 2 notes on Embryo Derivatives

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Boston College
BIOL 1300

EMBRYOLOGICAL DERIVATIVES & ADULT STRUCTURES Embryological Structure Adult Structure CARDIAC R and L umbilical arteries Medial umbilical ligaments Left umbilical vein Ligamentum teres Ductus venosus Ligamentum venosum Foramen ovale Fossa ovale Ductus arteriosus Ligamentum arterosum Truncus arteriosus Aorta Pulmonary trunk Bulbus cordis Smooth parts of R and L ventricles Primitive ventricle Trabeculated parts of both ventricles Primitive atrium Trabeculated part of R atrium Sinus venosus Sinus venarum (smooth part of R atrium) Coronary sinus Oblique vein of L atrium Aortic arches 3 R and L internal carotid and common carotid arteries Aortic arch 4 Aortic arch Aortic arch 6 Pulmonary arteries Vitelline arteries Celiac, SMA and IMA Vitelline veins IVC, hepatic veins, IMV, SMV, splenic vein Cardinal veins SVC, part of IVC DIGESTIVE Lesser omentum Septum tranversum  ventral mesentery  Visceral peritoneum of liver Falciform ligament Septum tranversum  ventral bud of pancreas  Uncinate process Inferior part of pancreas head Foregut endoderm  dorsal bud of pancreas Main pancreatic duct Ventral mesentery Falciform ligament Lesser omentum Coronary and triangular ligaments of liver Median ligament of bladder Dorsal mesentery Greater omentum (after it folds) Spleen Cloacal membrane (when split) Anal canal Foregut Esophagus Stomach Pharynx Stomach Liver st Pancreas 1 part of duodenum Caudal forgut and cranial midgut Duodenum Dorsal mesentery Septum transversum  hepatic diverticulum Liver Bile duct, hepatic duct Gall bladder Left umbilical vein Ligamentum teres hepatus Falciform ligament Midgut Distal duodenum Jejunum Ileum Cecum
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