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Parasite Table Exam 3 (Nematodes Part 3).docx

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Boston College
BIOL 2000

Parasite Nematodes Type Tissue Species Trichinella spiralis Stronglyoides stercoralis Guinea Worm (Dracunculus medinensis) Transmission Infection through larvae encysted in muscle tissue Infection through exposed skin Drinking water with infected water fleas Life Stage 1) Larva is freed from its nurse cell and enters mucosa of 1) Filariform larva enters through skin (infective) 1) water fleas digested in stomach releasing small intestine 2) enters blood stream or lymphatic system larvae in stomach (L3) 2) larvae grow, molt 4 times and young adults copulate 3) carried to lungs where they molt 2) migrate to small intestine and penetrate wall w/in 24hrs of infection 4) molted larvae enter alveoli, which are then into body cavity, liver where mature and mate 3) females give birth to L1 larvae while tunneling the coughed up and swallowed (infective) 3) fertilized female worms move through epithelium 5) in GI tract they molt to adults in the small connective tissue to lower limbs 4) larvae enter blood vessels and are carried throughout the intestine 4) year later worm forms a painful blister that body 6) worms borrow in mucosa and produce eggs bursts exposing worm in water because burns 5) when pass skeletal muscles (prefer active muscles) they 7) eggs hatch in GI tract, feed and rhabditiform releasing larvae leave the vessels and penetrate muscle cells and live as larvae leave body (diagnostic) 5) L1 infects water flea where it molts twice to intracellular parasite become L3 6) larvae manipulates host cell to its needs and makes nurse cell (enclosed by collage capsule) recruits vessels Unique -swine, wild boar, bear, horse, fox are main hosts -opportunistic (HIV/AIDS) -humans only host
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