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CHEM 1109
Richard Tresch

Molecules and Cells Prof. Taghian BI200 (Course BI200 01) Fall 2013 Class Meetings: MWF, 12-12:50, McGuinn 121 Course overview: Biology literally means "the study of life". Biology is a broad field, covering the minute workings of chemical machines inside our cells, to broad scale concepts of ecosystems and global climate change. Discoveries in biology continue to advance our understanding of ourselves and of the greater biological world. Our prospects for long-term success as a species and our ability to maintain a livable biosphere, achieving sustainability, will depend on the continuing growth of our understanding of biological systems. Molecules and Cells (BI200) is one of a two course foundational requirement for students majoring in Biology and Biochemistry, or students wishing to satisfy the natural science requirement. Molecules and Cells focuses on biochemistry, molecular and cell biology and genetics. Ecology and Evolution (BI202), focuses on evolution and ecology. The courses may be taken in any order. Instructor: Professor Danielle Taghian Email: [email protected] Please write “Molecules and Cells” in subject line. Office: Higgins 544A Office hours: Thursdays, 1:00-3:00, or by appt. Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Mark Soo [email protected] Maria Asdourian [email protected] Office Hours: TBA Text and Materials: th Required: Biological Science, Scott Freeman, 5 edition, 2013 iClicker classroom response system handheld unit Access to Mastering Biology (online homework and quiz site) Suggested: Biological Science Study Guide, Scott Freeman, 5 edition, 2013 Pre/Co-requisite: Chemistry 109, General Chemistry I Blackboard Vista (BB Vista) The BB Vista site for this course contains the dynamic syllabus, course guidelines, course calendar, lecture slide pdfs, case studies, grade management, study group formation tools, how to succeed in this course and college tips and information for late registrants of the course. Please check BBvista daily for new material and to keep up with class. We will also use BB Vista for class discussions. A series of discussion threads will be set up for each chapter of the book. DO NOT email questions about the course material to the instructors – you will be redirected to BB Vista! Mastering Biology There will be weekly homework and other assignments throughout the semester administered through the “Mastering Biology” site. To get to this site, follow the directions in the student access kit that accompanied your textbook. It is also possible to buy access to the site for $45. To do this, go to, click New Students, and follow the prompts. To access required homework assignments and quizzes within Mastering Biology, register for our “course” Molecules and Cells, using Course ID MBTAGHIAN71368. The Study Area within the Mastering Biology site has useful activities, self- quizzes and movies for reviewing the material. While I do not monitor your work within the Study Area, I strongly suggest you use the materials there for reinforcing your understanding. Course Learning Goals: During this course, you will 1) Demonstrate an increased awareness of and interest in biology from molecules to cells. 2) Learn foundational concepts in biology that prepare you for intermediate and upper division courses in molecular and cellular biology and genetics. 3) Develop study and group work skills that will facilitate your learning in college and beyond. 4) Address problems using scientific reasoning and process. To assist students in attaining these course goals our learning team has constructed interactive learning approaches so that students can apply the facts and concepts learned to understand new situations and solve problems in biology. Expectations for student performance: 1) Come to each lecture prepared. Read the materials assigned for the class and complete homework assignments. We recommend that you attentively read assignments (chapter in book, other assigned readings) before class and after class, as you review your notes. 2) Arrive early, so that you can be prepared for class to begin promptly at 10:30 am. If you are late, please use the doors at the back of the lecture hall to enter. 3) Think and interact during class. Respond to in-class questions using your iClicker and be a full participant in mini-in-class discussions. 4) Please mute or turn off your phone when you come to class, and disconnect from your iPod or other MP3 player. You are welcome to use your computer in class to take notes, but do not surf, check email, facebook, eHarmony, twitter or text during lecture. Doing so certainly prevents you from being present and fully participating during lecture, it is disruptive for surrounding students and is disrespectful. 5) Although not expected, we strongly encourage you to form study groups outside of class and to meet weekly to review and discuss materials covered during class and homework assignments. Clicker points: The iClicker response system will be used during each class for testing comprehension a
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