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COMM 1010
Peter Wells

1/22 Introduction to Rhetoric • Concerns regarding rhetoric: o Sounds relatively negative. o Began in Greek/Rome for people to solve dispute, help determine who serves in Senate. o It then changed to a form of speech for people to perform for fun. This was when rhetoric declined. o Rhetoric:  Making arguments to better ways of living.  It is a means to avoid violence.  It is a way of democracy. o Recently we disagree to people as a personality flaw i.e. “you are annoying, uneducated, etc…” o Rhetoric is to disagree to make better decisions. o Ways that degrade rhetoric:  Silence is an assumption that someone passively agrees.  People hunt for comfort; not examining different points of views. Definitions of Rhetoric • Single definition perspective: (has four components) bryint 1953 1. Rhetoric is an instrumental study: used as a tool to understanding communication. 2. Rhetoric is a litera
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