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McDougle Kelsi McDougle AHS1000 Professor Fleischmann Final Exam 1. a) In the passage fromAldo Leopold’s On a Monument to the Pigeon from his work A Sand County Almanac, Leopold highlights the issue of hubris within mankind and also emphasizes the lack of change within humans despite knowledge discovered over a century ago. In the passage, Leopold describes how “men are only fellow-voyagers with other creatures”. Being “fellow- voyagers” equalizes men with the other species “in the odyssey of evolution”. The lack of human acknowledgement for other creatures and the tendency of men to put themselves heedlessly above their fellow species prevents mutual existence. Leopold also addresses the lack of action taken by humans despite the knowledge uncovered over a century ago.As he puts it, “this . . . knowledge should have given us . . . a sense of kinship . . . a wish to live and let live”. Men continue to display self-regard for their own importance rather than regard for the “magnitude and duration of the biotic enterprise”. While Leopold articulates the issue of humans displaying hubris and lack of coexistence with the other creatures of Earth, he also articulates the issue of the lack of change in human behavior. (Leopold 109) Leopold addresses these issues by attributing them to human ignorance and dependency in the form of hubris. Within the passage, Leopold considers the relation between life on Earth and the voyage of a ship. He describes man as “captain of the adventuring ship” but makes it clear that man is “hardly the sole object of its quest” (Leopold 109). While men may have power, their hubris over exaggerating it prevents them from fulfilling their job of guiding life on Earth. He addresses the issue of improper utilization of the knowledge uncovered by Darwin by McDougle 2 describing modern men as a new generation with more knowledge than “all the preceding caravan of generations” (Leopold 109). Outside of this passage, Leopold addresses the issue of hubris and lack of act
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