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Boston College
ENGL 1010
Elaine Tarutis

Dear Professor Tarutis, Before this class, my essays were very sporadic and sometimes misleading. Due to the various exercises and essays I was assigned to write, I have grown into a better writer. My focus is clear, my organization is getting better, and I am actually enjoying the papers while I write them. Usually, I would dread the thought of a paper due. My favorite essay was, “TheAthlete.” I feel like that essay exemplifies the shift in my writing from decent to good. M profile helped me a lot and he gave me interesting information to write about. I will definitely thank him for that and we have grown a lot closer since that paper. I also enjoyed “Chantz Just NeededAChance” because you helped me bring out my emotions about that particular event and shape it into a nice essay. That point in time was very emotional for my family and I, and I am glad that you helped me express my feelings and learn from that situation. However, I had the most fun learning about video game in my research essay. I knew some of the side effects but I felt like I was above them. Clearly, I exemplify some of the effects of video games and my passion for video games is still pretty immature
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