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ENGL 3333
Owen Stanwood

Early Modern British Expansion Notes: Fundamental constitution of Carolinas: sets up a hierarchy.Apermanent hereditary aristocracy is created. Not religious equality, but tolerance and not compelled conversion. Colonies came in all different shapes and sizes. Both trading posts and colonies. Taken through expansion and conquering. Tangier: in NorthAfrica military side of empire: near straights of Gibraltar. 1661: Portuguese wife which gave Tangier to England. Strategically important for Mediterranean.Also to respond to pirates in Barbary. Not intended to make a profit or produce anything. Cosmopolitanism. Royal possession. Known as Queen’s regiment: ruthless and arbitrary. St. Helena: Small Island inAtlantic. Economic side of empire.Astopping post in the atlantic. Off west coast of Africa and east coast of south America. Provisioning station. Impregnable. Run by corporate monopolies. New England Colonies: religious side of empire.Also a combination of economic and military aspects. William Penn: Pennsylvania: religious freedom and toleration for all. Melting pot of different religious groups. James Duke of York: brother of King James II. Great military strategist and religious thinker.A proclaimer of religious toleration but not for power to the peoples. This is me taking notes on the class today. I actually didn’t listen at all. Sorry. I don’t know why we have a take home test. I am just going to Google or Wikipedia everything. I am quite pleased though because my other classes (Asia) has enough work for both classes. Indentured servitude and slavery used in the colonies for labor to harvest tobacco, sugar, and other crops. Slaves were very expensive, meant colonies didn’t get a lot.Anthony Johnson slave became planter with slaves. Slave labor became critical to economy so politics molded to that. Piracy: Economics of empire – what sorts of transformations were happening in empire, Geopolitics – relations between Britain and its rivals and its view on global events, Popular perceptions of the world and empire. Beyond the line: the line of amenity: New world and Old world, New world was free reign. Port Royal: capital of Jamaica Asiento: contract to trade slaves for goods given to a certain empire. By the 1720’s piracy was becoming marginal and non-effectiveness. Massive increase in size of state and a more egalitarian structure for the state. Started the imperial age for Britain. The Enlightenment: new period of thinking centered on rational thinking and what can be observed. Adam Smith, John Locke, Thomas Moore (Utopia), people who furthered rational religion. Daniel Defoe: born 1960: an advocate of naturalization.Adissenter in London.Awriter and propagandist usually considered a Whig. Wrote about and invested in projects. But these failed drastically. He lost a ton of money. Spoke about a projected age: supported projects that would urge the world into the new age. Two projects in particular: Bishop George Berkely: Irish, Torrey: railed against free thinkers. Went to Bermuda and tried to set up a college in his new Eden. Tried to create a utop
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