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Film Studies
FILM 2202
Anna Blake

Audra Hampsch Fr. Blake Final Exam Questions 4. There are several reasons as to why the government desired control over the film industry in the 1930s. For one, the RooseveltAdministration needed these industries to advocate World War II through the use of films. This combination of government and film led to a distorted functionality of the film industry itself. But not all government intrusion in film stemmed from the government’s actions alone. Before government involvement, film businesses were gaining immense profits from the vertical trust between their studios and their respective theaters. For example, MGM studios would only distribute their films to MGM theaters. This way, they would attract any customer who wanted to see an MGM specific movie, while other independent theatres would not be able to attract those same customers. This vertical trust between studios and theatres allowed certain film businesses to thrive, while others began to suffer. The concepts of block booking and blind booking were also critical
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