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Film Studies
FILM 2202
Anna Blake

Audra Hampsch Fr. Blake Final Exam Questions 3. Censorship in the film industry has always been a controversial topic amongst the internal and external community. Films made in the “pre-code Hollywood era”—referring to the period of time after the introduction of sound films in the late 1920s until the Hays Code censorship guidelines were enforced in 1934—were characterized by sexual innuendos, profane language, illegal drug use, promiscuity, prostitution, violence, abortion, and more. The derogatory characteristics of film during this “pre-code” era was, in part, due to Will Hays, who came to power through the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors ofAmerica (MPPDA), or Hays Office, where he defended the film industry from censorship attacks. In 1930, Hays adopted the Motion Picture Production Code, or Hays Code, which was a set of rules and guidelines for what could and could not be permitted in a film—the “Do
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