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HIST 1011
Owen Stanwood

Dam 1 Thien Dam Kevin O'Neill HS01201 th 20 April, 2012 The Battle between HumanActivity and Nature Over the course of the 20 century, humans have learned how to adapt to nature’s challenges: fighting infections, finding food source, etc…By observing the conflict and making affirmative alterations in their lifestyle, the problems they face with the environment were usually resolved. Although often times this was the case, sometimes nature finds its way to turn our victories into miseries. This essay will present the dynamics between the two with an emphasis on J. R. McNeill’s focus on biosphere in the 20 th century. th Studies of microbial life became demanding in the 20 century after new infections suddenly appeared in other countries. Areason for the spread of contagions is because of military campaigns and occupations. Europe, for example, transported many of their soldiers to other countries and when they came back, formidable infections, especially cholera, took toll on the lives of millions in Europe. The cholera epidemic triggered firm actions. Europe would soon improve their sanitation and manufacture antibiotics, vaccination and immunology. With these developments, deadly pathogens such as cholera were not as dangerous anymore and the number of casualties declined. Soon enough, improved housing and cleaner water would be implemented in Egypt,America, Argentina, Japan, and everywhere that had concerns for public health. th Amajor issue scientists found in the 20 century was that certain small insects were carriers of harmful diseases. Arange of areas around the world were affected by these insect carriers. Countries in Asia and Africa were shadowed by killer mosquitoes. People quickly responded by developing netting and wetland drainage to limit the infections. Other areas such as placed that housed Rockefeller’s Oil Companies were affected by hookworms. Because it weakened his workforce, he eradicated the insect in his properties.
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