HIST 1081 Study Guide - Final Guide: Haitian Revolution, Sic Semper Tyrannis, Maximilien Robespierre

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28 Jan 2014

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Lecture 13: parliamentary matters: civil war in britain. England is divided by those who view parliament as the true source of legitimacy in england due to its representation of the nation while supporters of king. Charles see the monarchy as deriving its authority from god. Added to this is the division between puritans and high anglicans creating a volatile political/religious mixture in the kingdom. By dissolving parliament and refusing to recall it, charles alienates many people. He exacerbates this by pushing through religious reforms that threaten the. Elizabethan religious settlement and therefore fuses political differences with religious differences. By encouraging the execution of the king, cromwell cuts himself off from one strand of english political tradition, monarchy. By refusing to allow free and fair elections for parliament, cromwell cuts himself off from the other. He therefore has no institutional legitimacy and relies on the strength of the army. This means his political experiment cannot survive his death.

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