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COMPLETE Modern History II Notes: Part 11 -- got 92% in the course!

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HIST 1082

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Africans in America 11/26/12 • Jamestown, VA – everyone free and equal idea o Dying of famine, many settler died • Used slaves as labor to work in tobacco fields o Tobacco making many people rich  Shipped about 60,000 pounds of tobacco back to England • To make more revenue, bigger land, bigger plantations, more labor (slaves) • Indentured servants o Given 50 acres of land for each servant a person brought into the country  Exploitative situation  died before gained freedom • William Tucker = first African American born in USA • Antonio/Anthony Johnson = black man who married negro Mary o No longer servants o Acquired their own land and labor, had their own identity o 1 of 400 black people in Virginia o Angola Plantation • 3 servants escaped plantation making their way to Maryland, 2 whites 1 black o Caught and whipped  Black was also punished with a life term • Closing opportunity of blacks freeing themselves  shifted from non-Christians to non-white who couldn’t be freed • Slavery legally recognized slavery in 1661 in Virginia • Rebellion against restriction of land by servants o Burned Jamestown • Transported 90,000 Africans to America o Colonies depending on slavery • 1705 – difference between slave and servants o Slaves
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