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***FINAL EXAM Review 2012***

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Boston College
HIST 1094
Peter Moloney

HS 09404 Fall 2012 Moloney Final Exam Part I: Identification of key terms Please prepare your response to the following 15 terms taken from our lectures since week 6. Ten of these terms will feature in the exam and you should be ready to make a clear statement of their larger historical significance. • Total War o Not just military • Wilson’s 14 Point Plan o 1918 Post World War 1 o Set up attempt at League of Nations o Free trade and ocean movement o Promote Self-determination o Generally liberal- promote equality and democracy o Also an attempt of disarmament o Reorganized countries affected, Serbia, Poland, Germany, etc. o Resent US slightly because trying to run Europe, o Effect on Treaty of Versailles • The October Revolution o Late 1917 o Thought it would be a global phenomenon o Guided by Vladimir Lenin's leadership and his firm grasp of scientific Marxist theory, the Party led the “logically predetermined” events of the October Revolution from beginning to end. The events were, according to these historians, logically predetermined because of the socio- economic development of Russia, where the monopoly industrial capitalism alienated the masses. In this view, the Bolshevik party took the leading role in organizing these alienated industrial workers, and thereby established the construction of the first socialist state. o Provisional Government/ Menshevik Petrograd o Paved way for USSR • Fascism o “Cult of the leader” o Claim to be “anti-elitisit” yet authoritarian o Glorify military and expansion o Attempts to dominate aspects of people’s live o Mussolini declared that everything is for the state, nothing outside of the state, nothing against it o • • Lebensraum o Living Space o Quest for Living Space post-Versailles o Deserved it because we are superior o Bit by bit (Rhineland btwn France
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