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Modern East Asia notes.docx

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04/30/13 China’s Cultural Revolution: Chairmen Mao the perfect combination of Marxist and Leninist thought. October 1 1949: end of Chinese civil war. Mao announced the People’s Republic of China. Mao speaks of the century of humiliation: foreign imperialists, warlords, nationalists, etc. Official end of extra-territorialism: Chinese stand up and proclaim this is our country - sovereign. There are border disputes. Power Struggles in Party Leadership > Public denunciations, beatings, deaths < old animosities between people and class conflict (< are arrows).A.K.A. anarchy and violence the result of the other factors. Long March Survivors: Historic event. Led to the rise of Mao. Starts the rise of a cultural revolution based around Communism: Mao creates the rise of “Mao Zedong Thought”: from his essays, speeches, etc. First purges (not violent) also begin, instill the practice as normal. At the beginning of Cultural Revolution: land reform, increased agricultural production, spike in birthrate, lots of propaganda, and a feeling of optimism (Red China Blues). Hundred Flowers Campaign: “Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend”: many people stepped forward with criticism, started the GovernmentAnti-Rightist Campaign which targeted about 300,000 intellectuals. These individuals were targeted and sent to countryside for “reform through labor” – called laogai. Started Laogai camps: taught how to think. TheAnti-rightist movement would continue from 1957 – 1960. Used public
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