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2nd Semester Constitutional History Notes 18.docx

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Boston College
LAWS 2180
Alan Rogers

Baker v. Carr (1962) • Reapportionment case: who decided redistricting that changing the way voting districts are delineated • Defense: not the duty of the Court to reapportion the voting districts, should be a political question. • 1946 Colgrove v. Green: Guarantee clause (article 4 section 4) allowed the Courts to decide reapportionment. Court denied themselves this power. • 1849 Luther v. Borden: Court said they could not decide who had power in civil war in Rhode Island: that is a political question. • Court decided in Baker v. Carr that the denial of the equal protection clause gives them the power to rule in reapportionment cases. Reynolds v. Sims (1964) • Alabama has unit rule of voting: regardless of a population of the county, whoever had a majority in that county was given 1 vote. That meant that the rural counties could dominate without having a population majority. • The Court had to acknowledge that it was a political activity but they tried to get involved in making it equal. They found however it was very difficult to do and hold it accountable. • Transformed State government throughout the united sta
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