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MUSA 1300
Donald James

For each of the examples listed above, ask yourself two questions: why did we listen to this in class, and what is this an example of? Refer to your notes and the textbook for answers to each. Please pay particular attention to the following topics: Rock styles of the 1970s (David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust) • Proliferation of styles in the 1970s as a result of changes in the music industry and audience reception o Music industry consolidate into 6 major labels – focus on few key artists, Generation X – mediatized audience  FM – AOR – Album Orientated Rock  Listen at home or car with Eight Track o Country Rock – The Eagles (Rock instrumentation [bass drums electric guitar] and text emphasizing rural space and laid back – country) o Arena Rock – The Eagles (Hotel California)  Still sound of intimiacy (anthem) but sound more rock than country and larger  Big anthemic chorus and guitar solo is center piece  SPECTACLE = long guitar solo at end o Glam Rock Music – David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust)  THEATRICAL  Heavily made up, costumes, stage shows  Created alter ego (adrogenous character) – alien who arrived on earth to save it through rock n roll o Progressive Rock – Pink Floyd  Same origin as glam with a sense of psychedelic, more complex forms, longer, and text will have grander themes o Heavy Rock/Metal – Led Zeppelin  Heavily blues based, power, lead singer as face  Layering of guitar to increase power and presence  Guitar center piece o Southern Rock – Allman Brothers Band  Blues based  Roots from American South (country, folk, blues) • Rock as spectacle, and the effects of venues on performance o Rock Festival (part of counter culture)  Woodstock  Guitar Solo Disco (Donna Summer – Love to Love You Baby) • Stylistic influences and sociality. • Capitalize on wave from Philly Soul – sound focus on slick and smooth groove, lush instrumental arrangement, clear production and precision • Clubs hire DJ’s because cheaper • Was about being with people while Rock had a distancing effect o Very smooth groove with interlocking rhythm section o Focus on pulse instead of heavy back beat o Lush orchestration on top • Dancing is central, sense of intimacy and community and showing off individual ability Punk and the New Wave • DIY aesthetics – Do not need elaborate production (out of Garage sensibility) • Sites of creation and differences in style – o London – more political, speaks for underclass (The Sex Pistols)  intensity o NYC – focus on youth outcasts (The Ramones)  Focus on youthful rebellion and that the outcasts are ok o West Coast (Dead Kennedy’s) – Criticize apaethetic middle class  Aggressive critique – really worried about world go to Cambodia • New Wave – Punk influence but can’ be classified as punk o Manchester (Joy Division)  Mechanical rhythm section  Electronic repetition  Monotone voice contributes to texture  Synth gives raw string path  Concered with texture and timber – base feels like mimicking vocal melody Hip-hop (broad term)/Rap (vocal technique) • Cultural and musical origins of the MC and the DJ (Afrika Bambaataa) o DJ – Turntabilism – interesting rhythmic back drop  Create new materials from pre-existing (sampling)  Use turntable as percussion instrument  DJ Kool Herc early innovator o MC – presents text rhythmically over beat, text of boasting (Break-Boys) • Flow – ecstatic drive of rapping (rhythm – syncopating and interesting accents, timber – commanding presence in booming timber or laid back, word play – demonstrate wit) • West coast/east coast style o East – Public Enemy  SAMPLE HEAVY, DENSE TEXTURES, NOT AS BASS HEAVY, DELIBERATE FLOW  MC VERY LITERATE AND WIDE RANGE REFERENCES  Good Word Play  Text not B-Boy representation instead have a sense of social realism and engagement  Critique inner city (Crack epidemic) o West – NWA  FEW SAMPLES, BASS HEAVY, THINNER TEXTURES  MC LAID BACK PRESENTATION, SWING • Run DMC – Walk this Way (Aerosmith Cover) o Create rap friendly song o Scratching and cutting it making it their own o Rap text focusing on dynamics and flow instead of melody o ROCK AUDIENCE LISTENING TO POP MTV, new media, and popular music in the 80s • Cassete Tape and Walkman make music portable – personal listening environment o Dub from cassette to
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